The documentary below shows a group of five teens being interrogated for the 2011 murder of a 15 year old boy. I know it’s over an hour long, but it includes the interrogations and tactics used. This murder happened less than 10 miles from where I once lived, but years later.

The video is instructive in that it shows how teen drama has grown now to where teens just don’t value human life any longer. It shows police techniques in gaining convictions, and shows the value of shutting up and demanding a lawyer. The psychology at the end, when the little murderers deflect blame and have trouble understanding the consequences of what they have done was also fascinating. Here is the video, with a synopsis below:

The youngest girl was the ex-girlfriend of the 15 year old victim, with whom she had broken up just 3 weeks before.. She lured the victim to the home where the oldest girl lived by texting that she wanted to make up with him. The younger girl’s brother, and a friend beat the victim with wooden poles. The younger girl’s new boyfriend shot him with at least two cylinders full of .22LR. The teens burned and dismembered the body before stuffing the parts into paint buckets and dumping them in a nearby quarry with the help of the siblings’ step father, who also helped to plan the murder- even though he wasn’t there when the killing happened.

The stepfather was found incompetent to stand trial and eventually walked away, a free man. (Despite continuing to be a one man crime wave) Everyone involved got life in prison, except the triggerman boyfriend, who got the death penalty. The older girl later had her conviction overturned after serving 9 years of her sentence, because a judge ruled that her lawyer had made some key errors that entitled her to a new trial. Rather than face another trial, she pled guilty in exchange for time served.

There is still a petition started by a girl in Germany who wants the death penalty sentence overturned, but it has less than 600 signatures. He remains on death row.

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It's just like this · March 3, 2023 at 7:26 am

There are times when I regret never having had kids.

Then I read a story like this.

…and then there are the rest of the obvious questions, such as, why hasn’t the sentence been carried out yet?

Aesop · March 3, 2023 at 10:26 am

It’s all instructive and on many levels, but ultimately, one cannot but conclude that the state is carrying 5 useless eaters on the census rolls all needing a fine public hanging. The so-called prosecution supposedly acting “for the people” hasn’t exactly covered itself with glory either, and should be tarred, feathered, and run out of the county on rails.

This isn’t “we were framed” or “we’re innocent” nor even “diminished capacity”. This is absolutely beyond any doubt pure pre-meditated homicidal blood-guilt, by all concerned parties, before, during, and after the fact.

It’s simply bare, naked evil incarnate.

There’s but one true earthly remedy for that, and the pity, tragedy, and open scandal is it hasn’t (and probably never will be) applied, to any one of the monsters involved.

If the state is going to wholly abdicate their duty to use ultimate force in such an open-and-shut case, it were better to rescind the rules on vengeance, and let the family of the deceased, or any other party(ies), exact whatever sentence they see fit, and call it legal.

Simply declare the guilty to be “beyond the protection of the law”, and let anyone in society do what they see fit to do to them, as long as they exist. Persona ex lex. Want to beat them up? Torture them? Kill them? Free reign. Beyond the pale and protection of civilization, in every sense. Anywhere, any time. Carte blanche for whatever happens to anyone who interferes as well. Like John Wick, but without the mad skillz. Toss the bunnies loose in the wolf pit, and walk away.

If that’s too much to ask, then round the guilty up – all five of them – string them up, and be done with it, as the state should have done from the outset, and across the board. If God disagrees, he can break the hangman’s ropes. Otherwise, off to the Hereafter with them, and let them plead for mercy at that bench.

In a few years, all the guilty parties will have lived more years since committing that henous murder than the total years the victim ever lived himself. That’s an indefensible travesty of justice.

Matthew W · March 3, 2023 at 11:22 am

“The younger girl’s new boyfriend shot him with at least two cylinders full of .22LR. The teens burned and dismembered the body before stuffing the parts into paint buckets and dumping them in a nearby quarry”

While as an adult, you don’t want to know what I may be capable of doing to protect myself……..
There ain’t no way the above could have ever been done by myself or the gang of dudes I hung out with.

Jester · March 3, 2023 at 8:28 pm

There’s crimes of passion or thugs that decide to pull guns and indescriminately and fire with out really a plan in their head. If this was adults most of them would be getting the death penalty and honestly they all should get that, under 18 or not. This showed cold evil calculation, lengthy, lengthy planning amonst all of them. This was not some accident, it was an ambush with intent of murder. All of them should have been tried as adults.

James · March 4, 2023 at 1:58 am

this is the movie ‘Bully, 2001, very disturbing

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