The Conservative Treehouse reports that the Postal Service spying scandal isn’t spying on ALL Americans, just the Conservative ones. Since the election, Democrats have been making lists of enemies of the state. In the beginning, they openly bragged about it, but then were told to keep it quiet. Now that list is being expanded and we are on lists. Not only is the government doing it, they are crowdsourcing it.

If you get mail from the NRA, Republican politicians, the Second Amendment Foundation, GOA, veteran’s organizations, gun stores, or other right leaning sources, you are on the list. If the ads on your web browser or the emails in your spam folder are for gun related or Conservative websites, you are on the list. Even reading this blog, well-

As I have blogged before, Vzyali was a word that struck fear in the hearts of Soviet citizens. It means “have taken,” with “they” implied to have done the taking, as in “They have taken.” There was no pronoun or noun needed to indicate who “they” were- “they” were unspeakable. It was never “arrestovani” or arrested, because those who were taken were never seen or heard from again. 

One of the things that has scared the shit out of me is the communist habit of “disappearing” people. When I was a boy scout, my scoutmaster was a man who was born in the Soviet union. His parents smuggled him out hidden in the trunk of a car when he was a teenager. He never saw or heard from them again. They were taken, because the government found out that they committed the sin of smuggling their child to safety. Shot in the head, sent to a gulag. Who knows?

When the Soviets disappeared someone, they didn’t usually kill them. In fact, they usually didn’t, unless the killing was being used as a high profile example to drive a point home. Even in the days of Obama, the Federal government was targeting Conservatives. Now that the Democrats have seized control, they are about to get their tyranny on.

Some of the lists are openly on the web. So go to this one, and see if you are on it. Whether you are or not, find prominent Conservative citizens in your area and keep tabs on them. If they begin to disappear, you will know that vzyali. Likewise, get together a list of left wing locals. Keep tabs on them as well. Intelligence is the best tool we have right now.

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it's just Boris · April 24, 2021 at 11:31 pm

The donors website is scary in a number of ways. Including, oh, how do they decide who is an “associate” of someone else?

    joe · April 25, 2021 at 6:03 am

    it’s like the 6 degrees of kevin bacon…if otard didn’t start the lists, he def ramped up who was on them…sad country we live in…

Frank · April 25, 2021 at 8:16 am

Well….”disappearing” can go both ways, can’t it?

    joe · April 25, 2021 at 8:51 am

    if you have a cell phone you can never disappear…they knew exactly what they were doing inventing these tiny trackers…

    what’s really f’ed up about this, being a conservative or orange man bad supporter, hate demtards kind of person, reading/posting on sites like this etc, you go to get on a plane and all of a sudden you are on the do not fly list…go to buy a gun and denied…lose your rights to own a gun…and then spend who knows how much money and time trying to get your rights back for doing nothing but voicing your opinion…we really are living in the novel 1984 and it ain’t going to get any better any time soon…

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