For work related reasons, I had to be fingerprinted today. I went to the company that does the fingerprinting to have it done. I found it ironic that Federal law requires me to be fingerprinted so I can have access to certain drugs, but the person doing the fingerprinting absolutely REEKED of marijuana.

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Scarface Barnes · March 29, 2022 at 2:44 pm

What do potheads know about anything?
No wonder the society is roached.
A local crony capitalist Long March grocery has thumbprint reader to clock in/out as part of the Great Leap Zimbabwe.

Paulb · March 29, 2022 at 8:35 pm

They wouldn’t let the sherriff’s office do that?

I get a required port access ID (A TWIC card) from a fly-by-night independent lab subcontracted by a defense contractor that carries out the identical background check that the Coast Guard carries out every time I turn in a piece of paper or renew my mariner’s licenses every 5 years.
Every 5 years some pothead who makes $12 an hour and normally does piss testing for Quest Diagnostics takes a scan of my whole handprint and then bitches because I am a sailor and have no hand or fingerprints, all so one of John McCain’s corporate overlords could keep the money rolling in after they failed to interest the military in any of their shit.
Coast Guard says I can sail a floating WMD through the heart of Manhattan, but McDonnell-Douglass has to decide if I can be trusted or not to cross a fucking parking lot.

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