An IRS agent used a fake name in order to enter a woman’s house and threaten her. When she contacted her attorney, the attorney advised her to ask the agent to leave. The agent refused, replying “I can be in any house at any time.”

Don’t let cops into your home for any reason. He either has a warrant or he doesn’t. If he doesn’t have a warrant, he will ask to enter. The answer to any cop, IRS agent, Fed, whatever, asking to enter your home for any reason should be “No, you can’t come in. You can contact my attorney.” (you do have one, right?) They will likely try to put pressure on you by claiming that they will arrest you if you don’t comply and they are trying to cut you a deal. Bullshit. If they had enough to arrest you, they wouldn’t be asking. If he continues to insist, say “fuck off, get a warrant.” then slam the door in his face.

If he has a warrant, he won’t ask. If he comes in after this warning and doesn’t present you with a warrant and his credentials, assume that he isn’t a real cop and is committing a home invasion.

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Joe Blow · June 20, 2023 at 9:02 am

Orcs are gonna orc. Thats why they are targets.
I can’t tell the good apple from the bad apple until after I interact with it and take that first bite, at which point its too late, so you have to assume your apple is going to be a bad one, until proven otherwise (and even then…)
So if you can’t/won’t clean up the apple cart…? Good cops need to get off that thin blue line, and clean up the bad apples, or find a new job, please, for your families.

Grumpy51 · June 20, 2023 at 10:22 am

Your last sentence….. to the hilt!

TX has seen home invasions with said invaders wearing police insignia……

Your life, your decisions…..

With the huge choice in front door cameras, I’m not sure why anyone physically answers their door without some advanced information…..

Echo Hotel · June 20, 2023 at 12:38 pm

“If he comes in after this warning…”, if he ‘attempts’ to come in after this warning is the point that he should be shot to fucking death, not when he is already in your dwelling. I mean, you can still shoot him when he is inside, but why wait for it to get to that point?

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