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Is it time yet?

Just because reading one Salon article today wasn’t enough to piss me off, I decided to read a second one. How about this one? Trump fans are overdue for a lesson in consequences

The article includes this quote:

New York’s newly appointed governor, Democrat Kathy Hochul is calling the unvaccinateds’ bluff. Rather than caving in and letting them keep their jobs, she is prepared to call the National Guard to fill in the shortages left by the upcoming firings

Got that? Obey, or we will fire you and then call in the military. Every liberal idea always starts with disarmament of civilians and ends with military firing squads.

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Per mine today: She doesn’t realize that 90% of N.G. Medical personnel are ALREADY working in the hospitals, and by calling them on to Active Duty, well… you work(ed?) in a hospital… How would you feel if you got called up from making what$20+ or more an hour as an RN/NP/LPN or whatever (and no I have -no idea- on actually monies) but I do know the Guard $$$ is shit… like $45 a day these days MAYBE? If even? I think that was when they deployed it was 45, regular drill duty? Back when I did the reserves it was like $50 a day for combat troops… not much…. so yeah BRILLAINT thinking there Herren Gaulieter Hochul…

Communists and There Sympathizer fans….
are overdue for a lesson in consequences.

Its evident, history aint this broads brain suit.

When whitey gets rollin…
You cant produce enough body bags

Are you a masochist reading that commie horseshit?
How about Haitian/Afghani nurses for the big egalitarian WIN!
Yes we can, forward, the Great Reset Leap Forward.
If 1/3 of the cops, dot mil, nurses, doctors, EMS/EMT first responders just walk away, will the CCP bust a move?

Riddle me this, Batman-
The guard people replacing the hospital staff are probably in the medical field. So the are going to fire someone for no vax then press them into service for the same job in the guard?

Probably. Then they will order them to get the vax, or they will go to prison for violating the UCMJ

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