In June 2012, a man named Joshua Hakken was arrested for possession of marijuana. Joshua and SharynHakken, who media outlets continue to describe as
“anti-government” due to their anarchist/libertarian postings on
firearm and homeschooling forums, had their parental rights terminated by a judge. At the time, according to investigators, the couple lost custody of the twoboys after attending an anti-government rally in Louisiana.Investigators now deny that charge.

One of the things he allegedly wrote was this:

“My name is Joshua Hakken,” he wrote. “I am a father, a
registered professional mechanical engineer and a veteran of the
USAF. I am absolutely devoted to life, liberty, the rights of the
individual and the Constitution of the United States of America.

After saying that he had noticed that “things here in Florida
have not added up for quite some time,” he concluded, “in these
crazy times, maintaining open communication lines for ideas,
observations and news is absolutely crucial if the ‘good guys’ are
to be successful in surviving to maintain the fight of ideas.”

Not worse than what even mainstream people like Rush Limbaugh or Glenn Beck are saying.

The police also claim that Joshua also showed up at a Louisiana state run foster facility with a gun and tried to gain access, and when unsuccessful, left. I find this hard to believe. If this were indeed the case, why wasn’t an arrest warrant issued then? 

So Joshua and Sharyn began to activate a daring plan to recover their children. They bought a 25 foot sailboat and were
seen loading supplies onto the boat in the John’s Pass marina, located
in the Tampa area.

In the early morning hours of April 3, Joshua and Sharyn entered the home of Sharyn’s mother armed with at least one handgun, tied up Sharyn’s mother, and took the kids. 

. The Hakken children were listed as the “victims” and their parents were listed as the “suspects” in an abduction. On April 4, acting on a tip, Hillsboro County Deputies found the Hakkens’ SUV in a parking garage near the John’s Pass Marina.On April 5, a witness came forward and said he spotted the boat passing under a bridge near the John’s Pass Marina, and heading out to sea. The search expanded. Police tried to locate their cell phones, but they had been turned off. Police then expanded the search to the sea, and to four states.

Rumors circulated that the family had fled to Cuba. It was then confirmed on April 9 that the Hakkens were in fact, in Havana, Cuba. At least one Florida attorney believes that the children will not be extradited. I say good for them. Taking someone’s kids for a marijuana arrest? MY hat is off to him for protecting his kids.

This is what it means when authorities say that your children are the property of the state. It takes a village…

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