A University of Missouri student goes to Nashville for a “fraternity conference.” The young man, Riley Strain, got tossed out of Luke Bryan’s bar for being too intoxicated and went missing. His last known location, according to his cell phone, was near the river. His family is blaming everyone except their son and his “friends.” Let’s review.

First, he has been missing for four days. Facing facts, he is more than likely dead. My guess is that he fell in the river, which also explains why his body hasn’t been found. The family understandably wants to believe that he is well, and is simultaneously looking for answers. They are looking in the wrong places.

He went with a fraternity on a “conference,” but let’s be honest- fraternities are not know for being studious, serious student organizations. They are drinking clubs that involve imbibing to excess.

The family blames the bar for tossing him out when they saw that he was intoxicated, despite the fact that bars are required to do so. They are also blaming the bar for not calling him a cab.

I wish that, number one, they would’ve just called him an Uber or cab, or, I mean, something or waited for their friends, let him wait for his friends,

When Strain was tossed from the bar for being too drunk, his friends didn’t look out for him. The family is passing this off as “they were paying their bar tab, or something,” that isn’t what likely happened. They continued to party, and he walked off.

The family blames passersby for not stopping to help him. That is ridiculous. It isn’t everyone else’s responsibility to look out for a fully grown man who is too immature to look out for himself. His poor decisions do not place any sort of burden on anyone else.

And I wish that somebody on the street would have helped him, just anyone. There were so many people; somebody has to know something. He would have helped anyone.

They are even asking country music star Luke Bryan to help look for him.

Luke was one of the guys Riley kind of looked up to, so we would love if he could help us get video footage of what went on inside that bar and right outside of it. So, Luke, help us, please

Summing it up, the missing man used very poor judgement. He went out drinking, had far too much to drink, his “friends” didn’t look out for him, and now the family is blaming everyone except the one person who could have changed this outcome.

On a related note, the story mentions that Nashville has a government job called the “Director of Nightlife.” This strikes me as stupid, and just the sort of useless bureaucratic nonsense jobs that government likes to foist upon the rest of us. It apparently pays more than $150k a year. He doesn’t look like the sort of guy who knows anything about nightlife.

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Guy · March 15, 2024 at 8:23 am

I lost a friend once this way. He left a bar on a stormy night without saying anything to us and wasn’t seen again until he was pulled out of a river a few days later. Only in my story the family claimed we killed him after torturing him for days, it was a real trip.

Really changed my opinion on drunkeness, the police, and people in general.

Nashvegas · March 15, 2024 at 9:10 am

The kid’s phone last pinged by the river in an area with steep banks, dark areas, and homeless camps. They finally started seriously looking in the river yesterday….it was obvious what probably happened when they first gave his last known position. Lower Broadway is very anti-self defense and full of overpriced crappy bars and crowds of idiots plus aggressive homeless. Not a place for people to be for so many reasons

Big Ruckus D · March 15, 2024 at 12:12 pm

Yeah, not only did he get shit faced and eschew personal responsibility for his own well being (which his family is also now doing publicly) he did it in (presumably, as he wasn’t a local) unfamiliar territory, and in a city that is well known for crime (though for now I’ve no reason to think he was targeted, it is certainly a possibility). And now his likely death is everyone else’s fault, while the cost of dredging the river to try and find him in everyone else’s responsibility.

I hate to say it, but this disgusting display of deflection from his family rhymes with the typical hood rat ghetto mama claiming “he was a good boi, he dindu nuffin'” after her precious felonious offspring got aired out by a cop (or a “civilian” he was attacking). It’s a bad look, and it is so typical of this pussy country stuck in clown world. The person who needs (needed, natch) to do better is now likely a floater headed downstream, and all for the very stupidest of reasons: he was out of town partying and didn’t know and/or heed his own limitations.

Dan D. · March 15, 2024 at 2:54 pm

“Let’s review.” I LOL’d at that.

This so-called Dir. of Nightlife seems pretty obvious, he runs the shakedown org that can yank the liquor licenses.

Phil B · March 15, 2024 at 6:48 pm

If he was that drunk, any taxi or Uber would have refused to transport him. If he was sick in the car (highly likely) then the cleaning bill and the loss of earnings for the rest of the night while the car was being decontaminated would not be worth the driver agreeing to take him home.

And then what? If he choked on his own vomit in his bed, then the taxi driver should have stayed with him until he sobered up? Where does it end?

Big Country Expat · March 17, 2024 at 7:07 pm

Just another perfect example of ‘helicopter parenting’… raise a manlet, utterly incapable of taking care of himself, which invariably in this case led to self-deletion, and of COURSE it’s EVERYBODY else’s fault.

Fucker probably had his steak cut for him by Mumsy and Dadums tied his shoes for him…

No loss…

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