I was told today by a gun banning liberal that any time a person mentions the US Constitution, the person doing the mentioning should concede that the argument is over, and they have lost. He claimed that any mention of the Constitution means that the logic of your argument cannot stand up to scrutiny, and one must fall upon an illogical appeal to authority that does not stand up. He claimed that this falls under the same category of using the Bible to support your argument.

I guess this is a variation of Godwin’s law.

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Wayne Conrad · January 27, 2013 at 2:14 pm

It's interesting to deny an appeal to authority when the authority is the supposed basis of our law. The fellow is saying out loud what we all know–the constitution is dead; the law is now whatever the person with the most power can make it be.

I'm not saying that that's how it _should_ be. Just that that's how it is.

My reply would be that, if the law is indeed based only in power, that one would do well to have some power of one's own. If one can't own a congressman, at least own a good rifle and some ammunition.

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