That’s always been the mantra of the left. There is no need to use force to stop a criminal- this is a simple transaction whereby poor people attempt to feed their families, give them what they want, and there will be no problems. That has always been the left’s philosophy.

But what if what the criminal wants is to kill you? The left’s assumption is caused by projection- the left is assuming that a criminal’s motivation is a rational one, brought about by the desperation of poverty. It is a simple idea that ignores the complexities of actual life. Sometimes, people don’t share your values for whatever reason. They aren’t stealing to feed their families, they are just crazy, evil, or simply animals bereft of any shred of simple morality. The obvious and simple notion that some people are simply evil has so-called “experts” in NYC at a loss.

“It makes no sense,” said Chris Herrmann, an assistant professor at John Jay, who once served as a crime statistics expert at the NYPD. “The victim wasn’t threatening, the victim was leaving, it doesn’t make sense when it comes to the victim-offender relationship,” Herrmann said, referencing Moore’s Oct. 6 murder at the 176th Street station in The Bronx, which happened right after the Citi Field worker had exited the train.

So-called crime expert Chris Herrmann, Professor at CUNY/John Jay

That simple ignorance of human nature has resulted in a 42% increase in violent crime in NYC. That’s why you have homeless vagrants stabbing people and committing random murders on the subway. Then there is also the elephant in the room:

My favorite quote is when the reporter on the video found at this link asked the woman “Do you feel safe in New York?” and the woman replies: “Yes, I do. Of course, you have to be aware of your surroundings any place that you work or commute at all times.”

I am sitting in my living room with the windows open and enjoying the fall air. I don’t have to worry about getting stabbed on my way to work. I am hundreds of times safer in my community than the average NYC resident. Why? The citizens in my area are mostly armed and don’t put up with that shit, and neither do the police, nor does my governor.

The experts are claiming that the reduction in people taking the subway is responsible for the increase in violent crime. Dr. Dorothy Schulz, a professor of law and police studies from John Jay College, said the low ridership numbers could be why so much violence is happening underground. 

“Less subway activity by commuters or tourists has contributed to the fact that the percentage of people who are on the subway or streets with mental-health issues is higher,” Schulz told The Post. 

That is demonstrably false. The ridership in 2020 was 53 million per month, in 2021 was 63 million per month, and is now 81 million per month. If the theory that more riders=safety in numbers, the violent crime numbers would be decreasing from a high in 2020, but that isn’t what is happening. Instead, what is happening is 2020 saw a record high in violent crime, with that record being beaten in each of the following years.

My theory? The George Floyd riots has caused many cops to do what has lately been referred to as “quiet quitting.” Combine that with catch and release “no bail” laws and disarmed citizens, and what you get is criminals running the place.

New Yorkers keep voting for the same slick, lefty politicians in election after election. The last Republican Mayor of NYC was that lefty RINO Bloomberg. He was mayor of NYC as a republican 2002-2013, but in 2016, delivered a speech at the Democratic National Convention and called Hillary Clinton “the right choice,” then donated $80 million to democratic candidates in 2018 with the stated goal of flipping control of the House to Democrats. Then he ran for President as a Democrat in 2020.

The same is true for the NY Governor. The only Republican Governor that NY has had since 1974 is George Pataki, and remains the last Republican to be elected to a statewide office in New York.

You have crime because you keep electing socialists. New York is getting the government that it has voted for. It turns out that the entire state is just giving the criminals what they want while hoping they will just take your stuff and leave you with your life. How’s that working for you, New York? Just remember not to vote for the same failed policies when you relocate.

Where are Snake Plissken or Bernard Goetz when you need them?


Bear Claw Chris Lapp · October 16, 2022 at 12:12 pm

The msm would never ask that question of someone who will not give the preferred answer. Let them reap what they have sown, God will sort them out when the time comes.

anonymous coward · October 16, 2022 at 12:18 pm

My bad, I thought he wanted a 230 grain fat boy.

    dave in pa. · October 17, 2022 at 11:27 am

    you might want to rethink that, a good 185 grain full metal jacket round with a flat tip has more punch to it. and after working ER in some major hospitals I find the amount of fat on some people is kind of like body armor. did a lateral chest Xray on some perp only to find out the birdshot never got deeper than 1.5-2 inches in his body fat. and when you add clothes and maybe a jacket to it, you are going to want some round to punch thru all of that to even get close to their vitals.
    BTW, MRI scans are also very good at finding how much body fat is on people.

Anonymous · October 16, 2022 at 2:02 pm

Constitutions fall to the security flaw. There is no such thing as a limited government, except as a waypoint on the way to big government. The street thugs do not impose the “Give Them What They Want” policy, because their numbers are so small. What “they” want is big government, and “they” are the largest count group of voters, the WASP middle class.

Self-loathing is a common mental illness which is usually untreated. Religion is an attempt to create a backstory to explain the feelings of self-loathing which existed prior to the religious dogma. Government is a religion. Liberalism/feminism/democracy/voting/government is a death cult, driven by self-loathing to produce mass death.

Big Ruckus D · October 16, 2022 at 3:49 pm

Much better to give then what they need, than what they want. And I’m speaking of both criminals and leftists, not that there exists any real distinction.

Vlad the non-Impaler · October 17, 2022 at 12:46 am

“the left is assuming that a criminal’s motivation is a rational one”

How freaking stoopid do you have to be to think this? Left wing, almost off the bird STOOPID!! Rational criminals…I’m sure they’re everywhere.

Jonesy · October 17, 2022 at 11:42 am

To quote Ray and his anger management coach from Mr. In Between:

Coach: Why did you bash those blokes Ray?

Ray: They bumped into my daughter and spilled her ice cream, and were rude. They were being assholes

Coach: The world is full of assholes Ray

Ray: Yeah, you know why that is? ‘Cause people let them get away with it.
So not exactly related but the mentality of not letting people off the hook is the same. Look in reality, it’s a situational threat assessment. I think we all have the same mindset that we don’t want to be a victim. But if I don’t have a tactical advantage, due to level of force or numbers, it’s probably best to comply. That’s not to say the scenario can’t change during the event.

    Jonesy · October 17, 2022 at 11:47 am

    Oh and I would add…the whole rational actor theory is bullshit…I don’t buy into the whole Robin Hood act, all of it being done for a good reason as the left implies…desperation, in this context (taking from others) is a gamble. Eventually you’ll lose….

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