Sometimes you see a case that reminds you why Florida’s Civil liability statute is so important. That law specifies that you are immune from civil liability if you lawfully use or threaten force to defend yourself, others, or prevent a forcible felony, including armed robbery.

We all have seen the Starbucks robbery, where a man with a fake gun and a real knife was robbing the place, and a man stopped the robbery. In the process, they began wrestling for the knife, and the bystander was stabbed in the neck by the robber, while the robber was stabbed 13 times with his own knife. The robber and his mother insist that the force used to stop the robbery was excessive, and the stab to the neck was self defense, because the robber was trying to escape.

Watch the video: (Youtube won’t allow the video to be embedded)

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Anonymous · September 30, 2017 at 12:23 am

Would have liked to see the counter server draw her own pistol and shoot the attacker in the face when he transferred his pistol to his other hand. Defender hitting attacker with the chair didn't seem like he was responding strongly enough to a life-or-death situation. He's got one free action, do something definitive.

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