The family of Karvis Gamble is protesting outside of the Orlando Police Department’s headquarters because Gamble was shot by police officers in January. The protesters said they won’t give up until someone is charged in the shooting death of Gamble. They are “demanding justice,” which has come to mean vengeance and has no real meaning in terms of what is just.

It turns out that the details of the police shooting are different. The police were investigating a drug complaint when Gamble reached for a gun on the table next to him and was fatally shot. Ecstasy, marijuana, and two stolen firearms were located at the scene.

Deandre McCullough disputes police claims that there was drug activity
at the Arlington Road studio. He said Gamble was sweeping up with a
broom and in no way threatened police before being shot and killed.

 Of course, anti gun forces were quick to blame guns for the death.

I am against the “war on drugs” and think that they should be legalized. However, with them being illegal, the people who are currently engaged in the drug trade are, by definition, criminals. Criminal enterprises cannot call the police or file lawsuits to settle business disputes, so they must resort to violence.

We are seeing families blaming honest people when their criminal thug relatives are killed for living the thug life. We are being told that we do not have the right to resist criminals who would use force against us to ply their trade. I say enough.

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