There are some lessons to be learned from the case of Phoenix Police Officer Richard Chrisman. He was caught on video and later admitted to planting a crack pipe on a homeless woman in 2005.

 Then, in 2011 he was arrested for murder when he placed his service weapon against a suspect’s head and pulled the trigger, after killing the man’s dog. His own partner turned him in.

So after all of this went down, he accepted a plea deal (according to the questionable reporting at this link) where he will plead guilty to negligent homicide with an opportunity to have the charge expunged from
his record after completing an unspecified term of probation. He was fired from Phoenix, but the plea deal will
allow Chrisman to regain employment as a cop in another jurisdiction or
even in Phoenix.

The family of the deceased boy sued the city for unlawful use of force resulting in death, and the court threw out the suit.

So what are the lessons?

1 There are actually a few honest cops left who are willing to stand up against their fellow officers who are lawbreakers. Thanks to Chrisman’s partner for having the morals to do this.

2 The police union in this case, standing up for a murdering criminal cop that plants evidence makes all unions look bad.

3 There is no limit to what a cop can actually get away with. This guy literally got away with murder.

4 Whatever you do, seriously think about what could happen if you ever need to call the cops.

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