I am writing this post about a local gun store, the L&R Armory in Kissimmee, Florida. I had a friend that was in search of an AR-15. The store’s Facebook page claimed that they had some in stock, so we went down there. I discovered why they had them in stock. They were selling stripped lowers at $900 each. Not complete ARs, just the stripped lowers. We walked out.
Yesterday, they put up a post on Facebook, announcing that they had received a case of PMC .223 ammunition, and urging people to come on down to buy it before it was gone. The first commenter asked what the price was, and I replied: “If the $900 they are asking for a stripped lower is any guide, I would bring a credit card with a high limit.” My comment was deleted, and I was banned from commenting on the page.
Well, fuck you L&R Armory. You are the one that chose to jack your prices up, and there are better ways to respond to that. I am about over the poor attitude and general jack assery from gun stores. The only reason you get away with poor customer service and high prices is that the government requires that we use your services. That is why so many gun store owners support universal background checks: monopoly.
As for L&R Armory, I will remember you.
It seems that the only decent gun store in Central Florida is an hour away from me…

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Anonymous · October 9, 2013 at 10:30 pm

Damn what a cry baby!

Divemedic · October 9, 2013 at 10:59 pm

So Anonymous: Are you related to L&R Armory in some way? If so, don't stay anonymous. Post here and explain why you were selling $900 stripped lowers.

I won't filter your comments on MY site, like you do on yours.

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