Now it isn’t just Trump. The Biden administration is using Federal Law enforcement as a weapon against Florida’s Governor DeSantis.

This is the mark of a dictatorship- having your opponents jailed on bogus charges.

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Big Ruckus D · December 19, 2023 at 12:40 pm

So then, who will be the first Republican governor (or other major political figure) to suss out the game, and start taking extra-legal measures to combat it? After all, they are going to have to realize at some point that their lives are functionally over (even if they aren’t dead) from being attacked and bogged down in this manner. IMHO DeSantis isn’t it, he will continue to play the legal game. And he’ll get screwed by it, even if at some point he no longer presents a perceptible threat to the left. They want revenge; this is just what they do.

If the choice is strictly binary between getting fucked over and ruined in perpetuity, or fucking up your declared enemy without regard to that is perceived (the legal consequences be damned, since one is already suffering them), eventually you have to step up and do the unpleasant things.

The left, for their part, either believes that won’t happen (and so far it hasn’t), or they don’t care that it will happen and consider it a cost of doing business. An enemy so unprincipled is one that will not be defeated, except by their absolute destruction.

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