Barnes and Noble has a leatherbound classics collection. These books are beautifully made, and I was enthralled by them at the store. With 4 bookshelves containing hundreds of books, I have been almost exclusively buying ebooks for the past few years (except medical reference books). I made an exception for these. They are works of art.
I bought this:

This volume includes the full texts of:

·         On Civil War—Benjamin Franklin
·         The Boston Massacre— John Hancock
·         The Declaration of Independence
·         Common Sense—Thomas Paine
·         The Articles of Confederation
·         The Federalist Papers—Alexander Hamilton, James Madison and John Jay
·         The Constitution of the United States of America
·         The Bill of Rights
·         Farewell Address—George Washington

·         And others

I am going to buy many more from this collection.

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