The left supports women, unless they are:

  1. Competing Against a Tranny, or
  2. A Christian, or
  3. A conservative

Then they attack wherever and however they can.

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Grotesque Masquerade · April 18, 2022 at 5:46 pm

If women are a construct of the white male patriarchy then what are wymyns a construct of? (sarc)
O/T-Mockingbird enemedia is prattling on about the public transportation mask mandate getting deep sixed by a FLA judge!
A CEO says let each individual person decide whether to mask for the big WIN. Keep on rocking in the West Berlin Freedom Zone.

Big Ruckus D · April 18, 2022 at 7:36 pm

The left, in fact, utterly hates women. That’s why everything they the left has done for women(even when outwardly sold as being for their political, social or economic benefit) destroys women’s happiness, standard of living, and increases their misery and emotional damage and instability. Women got everything they thought (or, more accurately, were told to think) they wanted. Now their lives largely suck, and many still can’t understand why. Cause and effect is an entirely foreign concept.

If you look closely at how the scam works, you realize the left has done the very same to blacks and are well into the process of running the same ruinious program of “empowerment” now on faggots and trannypervs. given enough time and resources, the left will do the same to every other special interest minority group they can find to exploit. Misery is their objective.

That said, I’ve no real sympathy for any of these now disaffected groups who are still always agitating for more [money, “rights”, equity, power or control] as they cannot be satiated, nor will they ever achieve their elusive – and mythical – happiness they think they can get from “more”.

They are clearly incapable of ever figuring out that the real source of their problems isn’t what they aren’t being given (that has previously been taken from others) but within themselves. The deficiencies, the envy, the resentment against those obviously more capable and more willing to do hard work, is an internal shortcoming that will not be corrected by any gimmedats granted.

They will always be miserable because they are fundamentally inadequate in some way for success, and/or have a bogus defintion of success. And they’d rather bitch and moan and make demands that render everyone else equally miserable, then do the hard work of self-improvement. Ultimately, even when their demands are met, it’s a crutch that leaves them even more crippled.

    Beans · April 18, 2022 at 8:29 pm

    Correction: The Left only hates peon-level women. They support the elite ruling-class level women.

    It’s all about destroying the lower classes and forcing everyone into serfdom and financial slavery. While the elite rule like the feudal lords and ladies that they wish to be.

      Big Ruckus D · April 18, 2022 at 10:14 pm

      I’ll see your correction and raise you a stipulation: yes, they Iove destroying proles. But the so-called “elite” are, in fact, nothing of the sort. They are viciously envious, vindictive, judgemental and evil people. They are fundamentally and pathologically fucked up in their humanity- or lack thereof -and above all they have to be attacking and destroying something and someone at all times.

      So here is something to consider: assume, for a moment, that their utter destruction of the proles were suddenly an accomplished fact. They will not be satiated by ruling over the now broken and impoverished serf class that remains. They will begin attacking each other, and seeking new targets to destroy, because that is what they do. They crave it the way a porn whore craves attention (and the money gained from exploiting her attention whoring as a public spectacle). They will never stop unless someone else destroys them; either a prole with a well planned and executed attack, or another “elite” who elminates them to further reduce competition for resources and reputation. But above all, destruction of any perceived adversary is that which principally motivates their being.

    Rob · April 19, 2022 at 8:46 am

    Kind of funny, considering white women are the main supporters of this crap…

Steve S · April 18, 2022 at 9:07 pm

When all else fails, point in Sutherland Invasion of the Body Snatchers manner, open the mouth and spout “TRUMP!!!”

Steve · April 19, 2022 at 8:13 am

For those of us who have been through Lutheran catechism, put the best construction on Stein’s reply. Even though I’m sure its not what he meant, there’s no reason to dwell on it.

Read it as “See, you don’t have to be a senile old coot to get things right. There’s hope that millenials will fix this mess” and have yourself a nice day.

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