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Left Killing Their Own

A law firm that has been fighting for nature to have Constitutional rights by filing lawsuits to get court precedent is being accused of transphobia. I love it when liberals eat their own.

Since last summer, seven of the 15 staffers or contract attorneys have left the nonprofit Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund, which gained some renown in recent years as a leader of the “rights of nature” movement to win civil rights for parts of the environment. Three of those who quit told E&E News the organization was divided by a toxic work culture that resisted efforts to make it more inclusive, including for LGBTQ people.

5 replies on “Left Killing Their Own”

The Lefts positions are logically inconsistent, so we’re going to see this more and more.
It’s also why they keep choosing new victim groups and ignoring the old ones…

I think I’ve heard similar things about the SPLC…?

Anyway, I’m all for leaving them to it.

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