From New Orleans, we headed west. A day’s drive took us to Gonzalez, Texas. We spent the night there before moving on to San Antonio and staying there for a night. We rode a boat around the Riverwalk and went to see the Alamo. After the Alamo, we went to dinner and had Mexican food chased by some pretty good Tequila.

One thing that was a bit of a problem was that the hotel we stayed at (the Hilton) was posted with signs prohibiting both concealed and open carry. We were not aware of this when we booked. Since we had already paid (nonrefundable) for the room, I adopted a “don’t ask/don’t tell” policy, and brought my firearm in anyway.

Please enjoy some pictures of San Antonio:

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Anonymous · July 26, 2017 at 3:28 am

In August of 1964 I made that trip in reverse from Lackland AFB to Biloxi Ms. in two busses with 60-80 other Air Force guys just out of basic. The night before a tornado hit Lackland almost destroyed Tinker Theater and left the base without power. They accelerated the reassignemts that they could to get people out of there and moved some of the basics into the field for a week or so in tents. That trip was an eye opener. All through middle LA and MS were the bathrooms for blacks only and other vestiges of the old South. About 30 of the guys were blacks mostly from Chicago and PA and they were not happy with what they were seeing.

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