Teachers all over are being told that we have to teach the kids face to face when school restarts in two weeks. OK. I’m cool with that. However, I do have some questions:

1 What happens if I test positive? Am I required to stay home for two weeks? If so, is it without pay? Or is it considered an on the job injury, and would I be eligible for workers’ comp?

2 Same with medical expenses. Who pays? Me? My health insurance, or workers’ comp?

3 Since masks are not required of students, what happens if a kid comes in sick? Can I refuse to allow him in my classroom until he tests negative?

4 Considering the answers to 1,2, and 3: Then does that mean I can continue to come in as well, rather than have to burn my own sick leave?

5 If I test positive, a contact tracer will ask me a bunch of invasive questions about where I go, who I talk to, and other personal details. Am I required to answer? What happens if I don’t?

I am sure there are many more, and these are questions that no one yet seems to have answers for.

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Aaron C. de Bruyn · July 14, 2020 at 4:35 am

#5: hell, you probably can't give out student info. I'm sure there's a law against it.

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