– How did marijuana get approved for medicinal use in states? The advocates were active, vocal, and visible
– How did that expand to recreational marijuana in  states? They were active, vocal and visible about it.
– How did the civil rights movement gain equal rights for blacks? They remained active, visible, vocal, and did not back down.
– How did the gay rights movement gain rights, including the right to marry? They wee visible, vocal, and active. They never gave in, and didn’t remain in the closet.
– How did we get concealed carry in all 50 states? By being visible, vocal, and active
The advocates for marijuana, gay rights, and equal rights for blacks were FAR more likely to be arrested (or worse) by cops than gun owners are at risk of being robbed, yet they remained active and visible. They eventually prevailed. There is a lesson there for gun owners: Remain active, visible, vocal, and do not back down.

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