For those of you who do not know Jon Gutmacher, he is widely considered to be the best self defense attorney in the state of Florida. He literally wrote the book on firearms law in the state of Florida. His books are used as reference material by the judges of this state. If I am ever involved in a shooting in the state of Florida, I will do everything that I can to retain the services of Mr. Gutmacher.

This letter was sent from Mr. Gutmacher to the Florida Governor:

I have included below a
copy of my email to the Governor’s “Stand Your Ground” Task Force.
 Assuming you agree — please feel free to copy it and modify it to your
liking  — and send it out under your own name to the Commission at
their email address:

Re:  “Stand Your Ground”  review task force     []

To the Honorable Lt. Governor Jennifer Carroll and members of the Commission:

would like to say that it will be difficult to take the work of this
Commission seriously when it appears the Governor has deliberately
 failed to either appoint, or invite qualified members of the NRA, or
any civilian firearm instructors.  I would note that although I (Jon
Gutmacher) am considered by many as the leading authority on the self
defense and firearm statutes of this State — and although I offered my
services — I was neither appointed or contacted — and I further note
that there is absolutely no indication that the head of the NRA in
Florida, Marion Hammer,  was ever offered, or even considered for a seat
on the Commission.   I would think that these would be “critical
appointments” if there was even a minimal effort in making sure the
Commission had a fair representation all of viewpoints — and  
essential experiences.  How a commission can be selected without
including anyone who has been directly involved in the training of
civilian CWP holders, or those  “most involved” in the CWP movement —
is both enigmatic and disgraceful.  It should leave all CWP and serious
firearm owners in the State with the substantial misgivings, and a
belief that they are being politically targeted purely for the benefit
of the Governor’s political ambitions.

Jon H. Gutmacher, Esq.
NRA Certified Firearms & Refuse to be a Victim Instructor
Author:  “Florida Firearms — Law, Use & Ownership”
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