On a news article about the cruise lines, I saw a comment that the cruise ships should be used to provide free housing to people made homeless because they lost their jobs due to the COVID shut down. I had to respond.

Divemedic: Why should the cruise lines have to shoulder even more costs for COVID? How much of your own money are you willing to donate to make this happen?

Liberal: We already are by paying much more in taxes than our commander in chief. How much is he willing to pay to help those in need? Could give a government grant to the cruise line industry to safely house people and maybe help keep them afloat.

DM: What do the President’s taxes have to do with that? A cruise ship is not a very economical way to house homeless people. Besides, how can you make the case that it is OK for homeless people to be living on a cruise ship, but not OK for that same cruise ship to resume operation? The reason the cruise industry is in trouble is because the government won’t allow them to sail because COVID.

Liberal: Think you’ve done too many dives without your mask.

DM: This is a good way to tell when someone has lost in the discussion of ideas: they revert to personal attacks. The point here is this: you want the owners of the cruise line (or taxpayers, or the President, you keep moving the goal posts) to shoulder the cost of housing people who are homeless because they lost their jobs due to COVID. The ironic part of your argument is that the people wouldn’t be jobless OR homeless if the government hadn’t put them out of work by declaring that people couldn’t live on cruise ships in the first place. Instead of addressing that flaw in your plan, you resort to attacking my handle.

At that point, my posts became moderated by the station. They are no longer visible. 

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TechieDude · October 20, 2020 at 1:20 pm

No one ever accused a liberal of using logic and reason.

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