There are three ways to lie:

1 Tell a story that is 100% fabricated. This is the easiest way to get caught, because such lies and the people who tell them get tripped up by easily debunked parts of their tale, often when the story itself becomes contradictory. The only way for the liar to get away with this one is to keep the story short and impossible to verify or debunk by virtue of having few specific details.

2 Tell a story that is based upon a true story, or that has elements of the truth within it, but portions of the story that cannot be proved to be true or false. The true portions bolster the falsehoods. This is the most common type of lie. 

3 Tell a story that is 100% true, but tell it in such a way that the listener doesn’t believe a word you are saying. This is the most difficult lie to tell because you ARE telling the truth. You just have to get the listener to tell the lie to himself.

With COVID, we are being sold a bill of goods. The powers that be have used all three of the methods above.

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