I have a weather station on the roof of my house. I use it to control my irrigation system as well as for general science geekery. 

For the past three years, it has been an Acurite 5 in 1 weather station. The problem is that I bought my first one in April of 2018. It had to be replaced in July 2019 after a lightning strike. Well, it died again. That makes 3 units in 30 months. Not good enough.

So now I have an Ambient Weather unit. This one adds measurements for UV level and sunlight intensity. The only problem is that I have to find time to climb on the roof to install it, but it is too dark in the evenings, and I keep finding other stuff to do on the weekends like shoot guns and visit with my grandkids. 

Also, the wife and I just noticed that the local stores are again running out of toilet paper. 

We took advantage of today’s stock rally to sell some of the stock we bought back in April and made a $17,000 profit on the deal. Thanks to some wizardry on the part of my CPA, we won’t owe any taxes on the proceeds. A good accountant is worth every penny. Don’t get me wrong- we still get bent over by the tax man. An accountant just makes it less painful. 

Plus we both work. It seems like there is never enough time. 

Still trying to get everything prepared for what is coming. Financially, legally, and supply wise, I am trying to anticipate everything while still managing to enjoy my life. 

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Therefore · November 17, 2020 at 3:58 am

My wife is a weather nut. The house is at 65 but the temp with wind chill is -15f and she's cold. If you ask her if it is raining she checks her phone and tells me that the local TV station says it is raining. Outside it is shining brightly.

Two years ago Christmas I buy her an ambient weather station with the rain gauge and uv sensor and all the rest.

So Christmas day it is blowing like crazy, the tell temp is 5f before wind chill and I'm 20ft up the ladder attaching this thing.

I had to go inside twice because my fingers were to cold to handle tools.

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