CNN is listing the names of American lawmakers that aren’t showing sufficient deference to our new Dear Leader. This is some tin pot dictatorship bullshit right here. So a sitting lawmaker who doesn’t call the Democratic candidate to congratulate him for winning an election that hasn’t even been officially ended yet deserves to be called to the carpet? This is the kind of thing you would expect from North Korea, not the United States. 

Recall that the last four years, #resist has been the war cry among Democrats. 

Fuck them. 

Also, the OAS claims that they sent 28 election observers to the US, and the only evidence found of voting irregularities in the election was REPUBLICAN poll watchers attempting to intimidate vote counters by standing too close to them. They also went forward with an implied accusation that Trump is in the wrong for attempting to claim fraud in the press instead of in court. Also, there was this quote (pdf warning):

Access to the vote is an important right for all persons. The Mission noted that citizens continue to be deprived of their franchise for a range of reasons, including the loss of voting rights following a felony conviction (even when convicted persons have served their sentences) and the revocation of rights of persons with intellectual disabilities.

I wonder if the OAS is as staunch defending the right of felons to own firearms…

I would point out that Luis Almagro is the Secretary General of the OAS. He is from Uruguay, a nation controlled by the Broad Front and the National Party, both being variations of communist political parties. 

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TechieDude · November 11, 2020 at 1:48 pm

You are expected to report to the colesium at 9:00 Friday for struggle sessions for these traitors, followed by a mandatory two minutes hate.

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