I decided a couple of years back that I wanted a smart house. Since I was being spied upon by technology anyway, I figured I might as well put the fact that I am living in the future to use. So I invested the time and money in having a smart home.

The house is automated with voice control. We can turn appliances, ceiling fans, and lights simply by speaking a command. We have a robot vacuum that cleans the carpets when we leave the house.

There are all sorts of automations that run in the background.

When we leave the house, the system activates the alarm system, turns the thermostat to a more energy efficient setting, and turns off the lights. When night falls and no one is home, the system automatically turns lights on and off to make it appear as though someone is home.

When we are home and leave doors and windows open for more than 5 minutes, the house announces the fact, and then turns off the air conditioning. Close the doors, and the air conditioning is turned back on.

I am continually adding capabilities to the house. I feel like George Jetson. Living in the future is great. All I need now is a robot to fold the laundry.

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