The unemployment rate is a massaged number that many Americans pay attention to without thinking about the underlying data. The government claims that unemployment is only 7.6%. This is because many people are not counted, because the government, for one reason or another, claims these people are no longer in the workforce. Then they “adjust” the data seasonally. In other words, the data is manipulated.

Right now, there are 194.3 million whites in the US. Of those, only 116.1 million are working. That is an employment rate of 59.8%, and that doesn’t discount people who are only working part time.
In the 13.3 million strong Asian community, 8.3 million are working- meaning an employment rate of 62.4%.
The Black community is hardest hit: only 16.2 million of 30.4 million blacks are working: just 53.3% of the population.

Between low employment, the IRS scandal, our overseas image, and all of the other problems, it doesn’t surprise me that the administration is placing the spotlight on the Zimmerman case. It is a distraction from the real problem: The Obama administration is a disaster.

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Anonymous · July 17, 2013 at 10:42 pm

I read somewhere the other day that there are now more people in this country receiving SNAP benefits than there are people working. Once B.O.'s EPA hamstrings the nations coal fired power plants, we'll all be on foodstamps.

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