We just began getting winds over 40 miles per hour. Monitoring the HAM and CB radio bands, as well as friends checking in, reports of looting all over the state, and the local area. Some are on social media, some by text, and some from the radio. Links are not available for all reports.

Fort Lauderdale:

Looters ransack a sporting goods store. It is caught on video by a news crew. 9 are arrested.


Three different foot lockers are ransacked.


Looters enter a sporting goods store and begin stealing guns. A standoff ensues, the SWAT team is called, and reports I got are that the cops arrived with armored vehicles and then called for National Guard assistance.

Local to me:

Armed looters are posing as power company employees, and attempting to enter homes.

I have armed myself, and my security cameras are recording nonstop. So far, we have received 6 inches of rain, winds are sustained at 35 miles per hour, gusting to 47.

TV is out, power has gone out twice, but come back on within a couple of minutes.

We have about 18 more hours of this.

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