Yet another reason why schools can’t attract good teachers. Read this excerpt from a recruiting email that I got this morning:

Miami-Dade County Public Schools (M-DCPS) is in the midst of a targeted recruitment campaign aimed at attracting individuals with a strong STEM background for a highly selective summer program, the TEACh Strong Summer Academy. This summer immersion program will prepare participants to become excellent STEM teachers.
In its continued commitment to impacting the academic achievement of the students in its highest need schools, M-DCPS will afford those selected the following opportunities:
• Participation in an intensive six-week summer training (June 1st – July 13th) consisting of enrichment programs, hands-on work experience and a comprehensive professional development curriculum
• Access to mentor teachers and additional support from district Curriculum Support Specialists (CSS)
• Participation in and access to monthly cohort meetings, webinars and an online support community
Immersion in this summer training experience will prepare program participants to make an immediate impact on the students they will serve, and the ongoing professional development and other support opportunities will continue to strengthen their performance as educators throughout the course of the school year and beyond.
Participants will receive a $3,500 stipend to be paid in two equal parts of $1,750 each. First payment will be issued upon successful completion of initial three (3) weeks of the training, and a second installment upon successful completion of the full six (6) weeks.
Minimum Requirements:
• Completion of a Bachelor’s Degree in a STEM field
• No prior teaching experience as teacher of record in a K-12 classroom
• Completion of M-DCPS employment application (see link below)
• Commitment to full six-week summer academy
• Commitment to teach in a M-DCPS high-need secondary school 

So this school system wants people with STEM degrees to come work for them, and they are paying $1750 for three weeks? That works out to $14.58 an hour. Unarmed security guards, which requires graduating from a 40 hour course, pays $12-14 an hour in Miami. How are you going to recruit quality people from outside of Miami and entice them to relocate for ridiculously low pay like that?

The job market CAN’T be that bad.

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