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Makes Sense to Me

It seems that there is an American skier competing on the Chinese Olympic team. There are also some American hockey players who are competing as Chinese athletes. I guess they choose to identify as Chinese.

This makes far more sense to me than the IOC’s position of allowing a man to compete as a woman because he “identifies” as a woman.

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All comrades of team unity get a participation trophy if they don’t criticize CCP as ordered by co-president Pelosi.

hasn’t this been happening since the beginning of modern times, say the past 30-40 years?… especially with pro athletes?…usually they come from those countries and have migrated here but whatever… this girl is just a woke dumbass… we should leave her ass there for year so she can what she’s supporting

Simple. If an American citizen plays for a foreign power in the Olympics, they lose their citizenship. They lose their ability to ever come into this country again. They are forever persona-non-grata. Seize their assets and sell them and use them to fund actual US citizens competing in the Olympics.

Or, yeah, burn the friggin Olympics to the ground, after making sure every tv executive, pundit, talking head and any other idiot involved in not showing us sports and instead showing us bullscat and ‘human interest stories’ and not showing us good red-blooded Americans kicking everyone elses’ asses on the world stage.

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