Marcinko Dead

Richard Marcinko died Christmas day. He was well known as the creator and first commanding officer of SEAL Team 6.

When I was in the Navy, he was tasked with forming a fake terrorist organization to test Naval security. He called it “Red Cell.” He terrorized the Navy by embarrassing Admirals with the stunts he pulled.

His team managed to kidnap the Admiral in command of the North Atlantic Fleet by stealing an ambulance after tying up its crew, then using it to enter the Naval base (which had been forewarned of the “test”) and kidnap the Admiral, who was not amused.

He was a real pain in the ass, mostly by exposing the ineptitude of Navy Admirals. This meant his career was capped at O-5.

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Is there any way to read more about his Red Cell escapades? Seems like they’d be mighty entertaining.

‘Rogue Warrior’ was the autobiography, so his version – ‘Red Cell’ was the first fiction book that probably has a decent description of events…properly fuzzed

I have the VHS and the DVD versions of what they released from the videos they captured during some of the operations…they are…’entertaining’…

He hired former SeALS/Lawyers to video all penetration testing knowing the blowback it would cause and probably kept his eventual incarceration to a minimum as a result

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