• On Tuesday, it was “National Guard will have 300 troops in DC, but they will be unarmed, and there only for traffic control.”
  • By Wednesday evening, it was “6200 troops, armed only with riot control gear will be in DC until the inauguration.”
  • Thursday, that evolved into “a fence around the Capitol, and the deployment will be for at least a month.”
  • On Friday, it was “The troops might be armed.”
  • Now on Saturday, it is “National Guard Troops Deploying to DC Will Come With Lethal Weapons” How long will it be before they are armed with belt-feds and other support weapons?
  • It isn’t just DC. Now Washington state is activating its National Guard. So has Georgia
The Pentagon has activated the following National guard units:
Washington, DC
New Jersey
New York

These state Governors are known by me to have activated their troops for service in their own states (there may be others of which I am unaware):
Washington state
New York
and I am not even counting the 17 other states with limited activations to assist with COVID vaccine administration. 

Just in case you were wondering if American Troops would fire on fellow Americans- This Is What I Took an Oath For:’ Guard Troops Shore Up DC in Wake of Violent Siege

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BigCountryExpat · January 9, 2021 at 5:19 pm

Friend of mine in the Guard (former Infantry now MP) who's part of this said they got a "Loyalty" briefing and had to individually ask what their political beliefs are. Scared his E-7 ass senseless… said he thinks it's why (that and optics) that they're not being issued weapons/ammo. Afraid "Trumper Joe" might unleash a belt-fed on the podium at the Kidsniffer and C*cksucker…

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