The fads of the last few decades:

  • The 50’s: Duck’s Ass Haircut
  • The 60’s: Gogo boots, Hippies, birth control means screwing anything that walks
  • The 70’s: the Disco craze, Leisure suits
  • The 80’s: Big hair, parachute pants
  • The 90’s: The information superhighway
  • The 00’s: sucking dicks
  • The 10’s: cutting off your dick, having your tits removed.
  • The 20’s: teaching kids to play with your dick

Note that the new fad is claim to be a faggot. According to recent surveys, 1 in 5 young people claim to be transgender.

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Big Ruckus D · June 28, 2023 at 10:21 am

Subtitle: humanity is a giant fucking bad joke that can’t stop chasing stupid shit and dick punching itself.

A couple of thoughts to add to the chronology of fads you presented:

2020’s: irrational COVID panic, shots and masks. This was an all consuming constant of our existence for something more than 2 full years, to open the decade. And was at least as embedded in the collective psyche as the worship of faggotry was, and still is.

The execrable dancing nurses, social media pictures of people proudly holding up their shit shot cards, and even getting COVID/shit shot related tatts (also posted on social media, of course) definitely took it to the same level of, dare I say…penetration, as the present sodomutilationmania.

God damn all the weak willed stupid fools for their needless contribution to that setback of human existence, from which we will never fully recover in my remaining lifetime. The only good thing to be said about the entire episode is that it revealed just how utterly worthless most people truly are when the going gets tough, as well as some previously unknown allies.

At least I now know with a high degree of confidence that 1. I’m on my own, and 2. I can write off 80%+ percent of everyone I see around me as useless, non-thinking idiots who will fail to perform in a crisis. Prior to (most) everyone folding like cheap lawn chairs under the propoganda onslaught, I was still in denial about how bad it really was. Now I’ve had to face down that reality, as rage inducing as it was being forced to accept the true state of things.

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