Doctor Fauci dismissed a physicist’s warning that the Chinese COVID numbers were fabricated, saying that the warning was “too long to read.” If my seven years teaching high school taught me anything, it is this: When people don’t understand something, they claim it is “long and boring.” I saw high school students do this all of the time.

This is the crux of the entire issue with the left: they don’t understand anything, therefore they find it long and boring, and dismiss it out of hand. Guns, math, basically anything becomes too difficult and dry to even try and comprehend, hence they govern their behavior with feelings instead of logic.

Look at Larry Correia’s dismantling of the 2020 election. Statistics is a valid branch of mathematics. Using math, one can show that the results of the election are not possible. Democrats don’t understand that, so they dismiss it.

Same with gun laws. Logic and math are incomprehensible, so we will FEEL instead. When that doesn’t work because people won’t accept it, they throw a temper fit and go all Princess Stampy Feet.

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TechieDude · June 2, 2021 at 6:54 am

I’ve often said that these guys understand nothing of how the world works. How the electricity gets to the plug in the wall, and why it takes an acre of solar panels to do what a few truckloads of coal can do. How does the clean water make it out the tap? And where does the water go when it goes down the drain or toilet.

Or how much power it takes to pump that water both in and out.

But that’s the boring stuff of gubmint – dealing with utilities and right-of-ways. No Feelz there just tedious work.

brewer · June 2, 2021 at 1:47 pm

I’ve found most people in the medical industry that I’ve encountered are “math-phobic”. I used to tutor pre-meds in elementary algebra. The vacuous look in their eyes scared the hell out of me. The idea that any of these twits could actually have someone’s life in their hands was scary as hell. I do not fully trust any doctor.

Therefore · June 2, 2021 at 10:45 pm

Even smart people have no idea of how much it takes to do just about anything.

That toaster that makes your toast all nice and crispy? 2 horsepower. Your desktop computer with a 500 watt power supply? Around 3/4 HP.

One of my smart co workers was into designing and making electrical generators. He was also in to lifting. He figured that with the right gearing he could lift some weights and hang them from a pulley system and power his apartment.

I showed him the math and he was disappointed but still searching.

His next great idea was to put an above ground pool on the roof and use that weight to power his magic system. He totally ignored the massive static load he read placing there.

I mentioned I thought I had seen a picture of this system, where an artificial pool read used to collect water and then the water was used to generate electricity. Would he like me to find that picture for him to get ideas from?

He said yes, so I posted a picture of the Hover dam.

It was at that point out finally clicked for him.

Power is power and the math tells you the work it takes to generate power.

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