Math, it’s a thing

Moderna claims that its COVID vaccine is 44% effective on young children who are 6 months to 2 years old. Doesn’t that mean that it failed 56 percent of the time? Even worse, it was only 38% effective on children aged 2 to 6 years. How can you call a vaccine that fails to work more that half of the time a “success?”

Moderna said the vaccine effectiveness for children under 6 years old against omicron was consistent with the currently approved vaccine for adults 18 and older.

So you are telling me that the vaccine fails to work 62 percent of the time on adults as well? That’s a far cry from the 95% success rate that was sold to us back in 2020.

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“How can you call a vaccine that fails to work more that half of the time a β€œsuccess?””

Because they’ve redefined ‘vaccine’ to something else entirely. Trust the science! No, really!

Shit numbers like that won’t matter to the covidians cultists. Their ignoring of the already proven dismal efficacy of the shots, their refusal to accept the fact that the shots also increased the case rate and severity, and their refusal to acknowedlge solid data on adverse effects fully demonstrates that they just don’t care.

Nothing they’ve done so far had any basis is actual science or even just logic and rational thought. They were sold on a idea, and a series of false “mitigation measures” for it that were nothing but appeals to raw fear and emotion. Being of the sort who do all their decision making upon emotional stimuli, they did exactly what they would be expected to do, which was entirely by design.

At this point I view those who still continue to willingly participate in the scam (the shots, specifically) as expendable idiots who are best written off anyway. If they are that incapable of recognizing the fact they are harming themselves (and their children), and looking like idiots in the process, then let them suffer.

Any who are still hard core true believers at this stage are beyond help. If they suffer, it is their own fault. If they die, it is a net benefit to sane members of society. We really don’t need so many easily manipulable idiots with the mindset of petty tyrants running around making things difficult for us. Removal of their defective influence on how society is ordered will be a releif.


When you have public-school educationed any innate intelligence out of people, they’ll buy any line of bull authority figures want to sell them.
Just attach the magic word; “FREE!”

I’m surprised it is that effective; they probably had to fix the numbers to get that good…

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