In yesterday’s post on the MSM, I touched on the use of Ketamine. The first I heard of it was about 20 years ago when Ketamine made the news as a date rape drug. A couple of years later, we started using it in our EMS system.

I found that Ketamine is a useful drug for conscious sedation (for short painful procedures, like pacing or extrication) where pain needs to be controlled but the patient remains conscious, with the airway intact. It’s also very useful for intubations where you don’t need to make the patient unconscious.

Ketamine doesn’t have much of an effect on blood pressure, heart rate, or respiratory drive.

Seriously, Ketamine is one of my go to drugs for a wide range of patients.

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Big Pharmocracy · April 15, 2022 at 11:41 am

A bud that OD’ed on opiates after a 20+ plus year habit used to take it.
Doctors screwed up his spine in a failed procedure and one big pharma comrade kommissar Marxist U white coat comrade told him doctors messed you up and we will keep you in the pills and prescriptions.
One pharmacist wannabe doctor refused service because he had prescriptions for valium, hydrocodone, ketamine, Risperdal, and others.

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