When it comes to health care, the patient is the one who ultimately has the final say over what is done to them. At least, that is what I have always believed. Apparently, that is not the case with many in the health care field, including many pediatricians who refuse to care for children if their parents refuse to get them a recommended vaccine.
Too many people believe that they should have the power to make others bend to their will. To me this is like a grocery store refusing to allow you to be a customer unless you buy healthy food. It never ceases to amaze me that people so often want to be able to tell others what to do. Maybe that is why we keep electing tyrants. People keep hoping it will soon be their turn to be boss.
Many of my instructors feel the same way. I actually had a class on vaccines where we were told “Maybe some of the kids who get vaccinated do have things like autism as a side effect, but the overwhelming majority do not. This is about herd immunity, and the needs of the rest of society outweigh the illness of the very few.”
There is the division: there are some of us who think that individual liberty is most important, and others who value the herd. I don’t think that there is much common ground to be had there.

Edited to add: Of course there are no studies that show that vaccines cause autism or any other ailment. Who would fund such a study? Certainly not the drug companies. After all, there is no financial incentive to NOT giving a vaccine.

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Anonymous · March 19, 2012 at 4:12 pm

You are so right about people wanting to be in control. My wife wanted a natural birth after our first child was a c-section (and a terrible experience of missed IVs, misplaced epidurals, back spasms, etc…) and was told plainly by her 'doctor' that it would kill her–that it would be a breach birth or a rupture which will kill both her and the baby.

After a lot of research on her part and mine, we said 'tough' and told the doctor we would do it anyways. The doctor spent the next 6 months lying about the size of the baby (started measuring higher and higher from the top of the fundus (sp?) to lower and lower on the pubic bone), and even told my wife her blood tests indicated gestational diabetes. My wife was so upset we bought our own testing kit and found out her sugar was perfect.

Anyways–a few weeks before the delivery we told our doctor we didn't trust her and we were having the baby at home. I was shocked–she told us she would call the police to have my wife arrested and brought in to the hospital for delivery.

I ranted something about them having to kill me before I let our freedoms be violated like that and we left.

We had our second child at home without incident and brought her in to the clinic for a checkup. The staff at the counter asked how old she was. I looked at my watch and said "Oh, about 2 hours". They freaked.

Our doctor just happened to be in the clinic that day too. She glared at us and walked off.

Some people just can't handle the fact they aren't in charge and they can't prevent people from doing what they want–even if sometimes it's stupid.

Maybe it was stupid of us to have the child at home–but we've had several unassisted births now and won't be going to the hospital any time soon. 😉

-A (former EMT)

Anonymous · March 20, 2012 at 1:06 pm

-A (former EMT)
looks like you ran into "one of those docs"!
I have been a nurse for 10 years now and I have seen this type before. Basicly, they are very insecure. They went to MD school because they are plenty schmart….but inwardly they have security issues because they are so schmart!!!!
Being smart enough to be a doc means that you never really fit in with the kids on the playground. They were always "different". So having tha MD behind their name helps them to validate themselves.
You just happened to run into one of them that has never resolved her "issues".
Good for you for taking the bull by the horns and doing what zillions of people have done….had a natural birth. Being pregnant is not a disease. Birthing at home does NOT have to be done by an MD and is NOT illegal!
The knee jerk reactin to call the cops on you is a dead give away. That MD is a progressive and wants to be part of the ruling body..the part that gets to tell you what to do!!!

(ER nurse for 6 years and now an oncology nurse for 4 years)

parabarbarian · March 20, 2012 at 6:07 pm

If a doctor refuses to treat you unless you follow his advice, then get a doctor that offers advice you like better.

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