So now movie theaters are not allowing men to carry bags into the theater. Women can, but men cannot. Why? Because all men with bags can be a shooter.

This is a million dollar lawsuit in the making. I wish they were local to me, I could use the money.

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Windy Wilson · August 22, 2012 at 3:59 am

Sooo, a man walks into a theater with a small bag containing a Nook, and a cellphone. He is stopped by the ticket taker, who says, men cannot bring bags in, only women. The man turns to the woman behind him and hands her his bag, which she puts into her shopping-bag sized bag.
Stupid policies deserve stupid solutions. If the ticket taker raises a fuss, call the manager and say, to him, what's the problem, and deny that's your bag in the woman's bag.
And the rodeo begins.
It's still worthwhile for the theater to have its name changed to Defendant.

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