A man is being tried for murder, and one of the key prosecution witnesses testifies that HE in fact was the one who committed the murder, not the accused. The witness can’t be prosecuted because the prosecution screwed up and granted him total immunity in exchange for his testimony. The defense immediately moves to have the charges dismissed but the judge refuses the request, saying that it is up to the jury.

Cases like this one and the one of Major Matt Golsteyn are the reason why I told the recruiters to stay away from my kids, back when they were in high school. Our military is being run by political hacks who will destroy a man for doing his job, while they themselves are chasing prostitutes and guzzling taxpayer funded liquor.

I love this country and the ideals upon which it was founded, but I no longer feel that our military or our government are safeguarding those ideals. The men that serve have my respect, but the men that command them do not.

This is the reason why I think that the military would not be used to go door to door against the American people. Those above the rank of 0-5 might follow such an order, but many below that rank would not.

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