After some of the comments from yesterday’s post, I thought I would express my thoughts on women in the military.

The way that women are treated in the military is a bit unfair. Not the way that women would have you believe that they are being mistreated- in fact, they have a HUGE advantage. The last thing that women REALLY want is equality. Let me explain:

I did six years in the Navy. I was an Electrician’s mate which, according to the Navy, is a sea intensive rating. What this means is that there are not that many shore based billets in comparison to sea based billets, so an EM spends the majority of his service assigned to a seagoing command. In keeping with this reality, the Navy has a sea/shore rotation for EMs that is- shall we say, a bit taxing.

Sailors who are electricians typically are assigned to a sea command immediately following their initial training, which takes up the first 7 months or so of their enlistment. That first sea posting lasts 51 months. This means that the first enlistment and the first year and a half of the second is spent assigned to a seagoing command. Most sea going commands spend about 65-75% of their time at sea. After this posting, that electrician is sent to a shore post for 36 months, and then back to sea duty for 60 months. After that, the rotation is 48 at sea followed by 35 months on shore.

In fact, in a 20 year career, a sailor who is an EM will spend 14 of those years assigned to a seagoing command, on average. No surprise, it’s the Navy, and the Navy is in charge of the sea.

Unless you are a woman. Women who are assigned to shore duty outside the continental US (including Hawaii) are counted as being on sea duty, even though they are home every night. A man in the exact same billet is counted as shore duty. So a woman could be assigned to Hawaii for 5 years, and be eligible for 3 years of shore duty in San Diego, while a man in the exact same job would do 5 years floating on a Destroyer, followed by 3 years at San Diego.

If you are a woman and you get pregnant, you get 18 weeks off WITH PAY after the baby is born. In addition, women are assigned to light duty on shore for the majority of their pregnancy before the baby is born.

Men get only ten days off after their child is born. When I was in, every time a command with women assigned to it was scheduled to deploy, a large percentage of the female crew members would get pregnant. Free time off, and time not being spent away from home. This is the reason why one in seven female service members are single mothers.

Women have claimed for years that they want the same chances as men to advance in the military, but frequently use their gender as an excuse to escape the real work. It is about time they were held to task.

Some shore commands in the Norfolk, Va., area report that up to 34 percent of their billets are filled by pregnant sailors, and commanders are complaining about a “lack of proper manning to conduct their mission,” according to a Naval Inspector General report.

When sailors on sea duty become pregnant, they are transferred to shore-based commands that fit certain criteria, such as being close to a Navy medical center. The length of that “postpartum tour” is 12 months after a child’s birth. Combined with a nine-month pregnancy, that puts expectant mothers on limited duty for up to 21 months.

21 months? Picture this: you join the Navy, and finish two months of Boot Camp, and 4 months of A school. You get your orders, and get travel time and up to 30 days of leave, then report aboard your first ship: You have been in the Navy for 7 months, and have not contributed to the mission one bit. You get pregnant, and sit on shore duty for 21 months. You now have been in the Navy for 28 months- more than half of your enlistment is over, you have done NOTHING to earn the money you have been paid, and the taxpayer has paid for your medical care and training.

There are 54,000 women serving in the US Navy– and last year, 3,125 (5.8%) of them got pregnant. If that is an average year, then there are 9,375 women (17.4%) on shore duty due to pregnancy at any given time.

To top it off, once the postpartum tour is over, the woman then gets another set of orders to go somewhere else, which entitles her to another 30 days of leave (because of her change in duty station). Since she is a single mother, she is now entitled to a hardship discharge. It is a waste of money, and turns the military into another government welfare/social program.

There is an article here about women in some units in the military being subject to courts martial if they get pregnant. Some complain that it infringes on a woman’s reproductive rights. My view is that women use the pregnancy thing to get out of unpleasant military assignments, and then men must be reassigned to those now vacant positions.

Our military cannot perform its mission if nearly ten percent of its force can’t deploy because they can’t find a babysitter.

You want equal? Make it equal. Same haircuts, same uniforms, same duty. If that means that you can’t be a mother while in the service, so be it. Perhaps the time spent on convalescent leave could be added to your enlistment: 18 weeks of maternity leave means 18 more weeks of active duty without reenlistment bonus, or alternatively, enlistment means taking a Depo-Provera shot for the duration of your enlistment.

You are either equal, or you are not.

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Bill · July 19, 2022 at 6:27 am

Now they want women on submarines. I’ve been there, and I can tell you it will not be a good thing.

William Copeland · July 19, 2022 at 6:28 am

Now they want women on submarines. I’ve been there, and I can tell you it will not be a good thing. Good article!

NIdahoCatholic · July 19, 2022 at 7:05 am

I served aboard five SSBN’s in my 25 year career. Retired in ’03. So glad no women aboard then. Three out a crew of 1300 on the USS Holland in Holy Loch, Scotland in 80 and 81. Officers. Only one didn’t have lots of issues.

Don Curton · July 19, 2022 at 7:22 am

I don’t have personal experience, but my wife’s first marriage was to a guy who joined infantry. She said every woman in the army was either a barracks whore or a dike. No in-between. Not sure if that applies to other branches, but not a good thing either way.

mike · July 19, 2022 at 7:50 am

The stats from the 1990 mobilization for the Gulf war are staggering. Females set new records getting prego to get out of that war.

Army for me. I observed personally that women were incapable of marching or running any distance carrying any kind of weight, using any kind of heavy tools, or digging a proper fighting position. Those are the core requirements of any infantryman. There may be some out there who can, but I encountered exactly ZERO who were there and in uniform. Inevitably they stand aside and watch as all of the real work is done by men. This includes any kind of shit duty that requires moving things or loading heavy stuff on trucks. They don’t get assigned to those tasks for some reason. We no longer have a serious military and they will not survive contact with any serious enemy.

Sarin · July 19, 2022 at 9:07 am

Served in the .Mil, Marines to be precise. 95% of my career time was in fighting units and more than half of my 20 deployed. Wasn’t a Pogue either. Spent a fair amount of time embarked on “brown water” Navy (amphibs). First vessel I was embarked on was 52% female. Everyone referred to it as “The Love Boat”. Seemingly, every port of call, we were shipping at least one female sailor back stateside, often more. Discussions in the Chief’s Mess and Wardroom revolved around the lack of replacements and how to remain combat effective while underway. To Divemedic’s point, once it was learned that they could escape a sucky situation by simply getting dicked down, they fell off in droves. Don’t like your boss? Got disciplined for a rookie mistake? Miss home? Got bored? Get preggers, pass go and collect a free plane ticket home. CO of the Love Boat was also a female. Had more than a few incidents that would have gotten a male CO relieved faster than you can blink. Even IG complaints went nowhere; it was borderline mutinous toward the end of that Westpac.

Moving on to Uncle Sam’s misguided children, I can give a few examples. I was in 29 stumps for CAX. Hanging at the Warriors Club at Camp Wilson, I overheard a group of wookies strategizing on how to time pregnancy to avoid deploying over the course of 20 years. Depending on the unit and timing, 4-5 pregnancies and one can go a whole 20 without ever having to deploy. Note I said pregnancies, not kids…do the math on that one. Same individuals were equally eligible for promotion though. As a dude, had I dodged a single deployment (let alone multiple), I wouldn’t have even been considered for promotion.

Standards are relaxed for females. Height/weight, PFT, CFT, they even get “boosters” for the obstacle course. They can be fatter, and maxing out their PFT/CFT was about an Average male’s physical fitness requirements. Their minimum standard was failing for a male. Guess which end of the spectrum most skewed toward? For the Ó-Course, an identically sized male (height/weight, within standards) cannot use the boosters, the female can.

Another: I was almost shot on a live-fire platoon fire and maneuver training exercise by a female. Successful completion of the event was a prerequisite for finishing TBS. Her hair bun was so large it pushed her Kevlar helmet down over her eyes, she was shooting blind. I’d noted the impacts and wasn’t moving as they were a scant 10-12” in front of me. Fortunately, a safety observer noticed my reluctance to move and saw why; he cleared and took her weapon and pulled her off of the range as a safety violator. She still graduated. As a male, had the roles been reversed, I’d have been recycled back to another training company.

Yet another: in Iraq, 2004, someone came up with the “lioness” program. Females would be trained to Infantry T&R standards by their parent command (not a formal
school) and attached to a combat unit. I suspect that many of those training records were pencil-whipped, but I digress… Ostensibly, the program was to provide females to search Iraqi females due to cultural sensitivities. In my view, it was the camel’s nose under the tent for integrating women into combat units. These wooks touted themselves as “female grunts”. Had one attached to my team for a routine patrol. Our route was about 10km, maybe a tad more, with a standard combat loadout. We’d planned a snap VCP somewhere in the last 1/3, contingent on traffic conditions at the time, so had a bit of extra gear, evenly divided, to get started while we waited for the Infantry Bn’s CAAT platoon to roll up and provide support. Said female started falling out about 400m into the patrol. One of my Marines took her pack. 400m later, she was still falling out. Another Marine took her ammo. Another 400m and one had to take her weapon. At that point she was a liability, so we reversed course and took her back to the FOB. Wasted a few hours’ time and 2400m added to our patrol, courtesy of this female “grunt”. Don’t even get me started about what their presence in the FOB did to unit cohesion.

Ultimately, it’s an uneven system and definitely in favor of the 6.2% (as of 2016). I won’t touch on the decent looking ones and their Senior Enlisted “protectors” or “escorts” which caused never ending stupidity.

I will say, there are x-factor females, but they are most definitely the exception to the rule. I am friends with a female LtCol. She’s as tough as woodpecker lips. She held herself to male standards for almost everything; the one exception was her hair. She maxed out all male standards in everything else. Definitely 1 in 11,029.

Big Ruckus D · July 19, 2022 at 10:41 am

All valid points, and yet not a thing will be done to correct any of the issues DM pointed out, because we simply do not have intelligent and capable people running…anything. Yet another reason collapse and starting over is the only solution. No one in charge is going to kill off the unequal benefits afforded to women playing soldier.

I maintain they shouldn’t even be there to begin with (yeah, I know, how shamefully unenlightened), but if that concession is to be made, then they must meet all the same standards and requirements as men. If they can’t cut that, then they have no business being there in the firrt place. As it stands, the USMIL has been turned into another affirmative action employment and social justice program. And it will get this country’s ass kicked, for lack of a properly capable and competent defensive force – perhaps irrecoverably – in the foreseeable future.

Needless to point it out yet again, but I will anyway: we are no longer a serious country in our ascendancy phase. Our decline follows a well established trajectory. Therefore, all this stupid and ruinous shite was and is fully to be expected. In some sense it was all preordained; once we achieved greatness, our eventual failure was essentially guaranteed.

The biggest problem now is all the effort that has been – and will be – spent on propping up the rotting carcass of the US empire. This will cause much unecessary damage and death as the animal instinctively recognizes it’s own impending death, causing it to lash out violently. And so here we are.

nunya · July 19, 2022 at 10:54 am

and if something doesn’t go their way? fake accusations against a man who has to prove his innocence.. phuk that noise. women increased in nav aviation the last 3rd of my 20. everything you said and then some started to regularly happen towards the end of workups. cruise and squadron short multiple bodies. already under manned anyway.. did I say phuk that? yea total bs shitshow

Skyler the Weird · July 19, 2022 at 11:44 am

I was at Army ROTC basic camp at Ft Knox in 1979. The Carter Administration was trying an experiment where you had three squads of guys and one of women. It went as expected. The pretty ones who weren’t dukes were sleeping with officers and the ugly ones were sleeping with the enlisted men.

They complained about the jodies the DIs chanted and complained about having to carry heavy stuff etc. They at least kept them on a separate floor in the barracks and didn’t have code bathrooms.

Aesop · July 19, 2022 at 11:57 am

There is no billet in any armed service that a woman can do that should not become a post for a civilian employee, and there is no place in the military (if they were serious about their mission) for any women, at any time.

Let’s make it simple: Any woman who cannot pass the male physical cannot enlist.

For the 20 out of 50,000 who can get over that hurdle, all other requirements and benefits will be exactly what men get. No more, no less. That will weed out 19 more can’t-cut-it-c*nts.

So, having gotten there, justify a billet for one female in any service who would qualify out of hundreds of thousands of attempts.

You want to be a sailor?

Fine, sweetheart.
Damage Control drill: Here’s a 60# firehose pack. Put on your SCBA, and tun up four ladders, over to that standpipe, attack the hpose, charge it, and put out this fire, in no more than 120 seconds. Then, pick up this 165# deadweight to simulate a sailor down, and drag it 50 yards, and place it inside this stokes litter, where you and one other sailor will carry it down four ladders to the casualty collection point, given an additional 180 seconds. Ready, Go.

Enjoy civilian life.

Male PFT annually. One standard, across the board.
Separated from service for physical inability to perform to standard.

There hasn’t been a female who could serve in the military under those kinds of rules since women snuck into the Civil War masquerading as men, and thus no woman in over 100 years has met the same standards as men since that time.

It’s also why you could count those who did so on your fingers, from 1776 to 1865.

End the games.

And with recruitment running so low, I give it 3 years before the draft returns, and women should be 50% of all draftees, until they comprise 50% of all successful inductees. When they draft every single eligible woman in the U.S. just to get 10 candidates that can make it out of boot camp, the cat is out of the bag, and it’s time to end the failed co-ed experiment.


Riddles Abound · July 19, 2022 at 12:21 pm

But, but, but, muh egalitarian equity?
How can this be if the wymyns get special treatment?
Aren’t we all in this unity collective commune Jonestown Democracy together?

Lori · July 19, 2022 at 5:57 pm

The problem is not women. The problem is the morality of both women and men in our country. Did you know that more men are raped than women in the US military? The country is awash in filth, from the man in the highest office of the land to the lowly Amish, everywhere is sexual filth and perversion. The military is an extension of that. Have a moral, God fearing country, these problems would not exist. What kind of person would bring a life into the world that they have to raise for a few decades to get out of a 3 year tour of duty they volunteered for? And oh by the way, did they get pregnant all by themselves? Both men and women in our country are sluts and/or perverts; they breed like dogs in heat.

The stuff we are seeing is simply the natural consequences of leaving God out of society and trying to run it ourselves.

Would any of you now fight for the country as it is? To what……preserve perversion? And if God Himself is judging us, how successful will our battle be? I risked my life for this country for 14 years. I would have died for this country, and almost did a few times. It was a great place, a country of opportunity and freedom. Now filth is rammed down your throat on a regular basis, and it is demanded that you lie and say things like men can get pregnant, wrong is right, etc. I am glad my father who fought in the Navy in WW 2 is not alive to see this country as it is; I would have seen him cry for the first time.

    Big Ruckus D · July 19, 2022 at 6:45 pm

    A big Sunday Amen to that. The lack of morals and ethics is part and parcel of the dumpster society the US has become, mostly within my lifetime. The leadershit class reflects the citizenry at large (wellb them and all the improperly voting invaders) which is why they are almost all money grubbing criminals and degenrate whores. That sow that did the twerking headstand a week or so ago? Heh. ‘Nuff said.

    I’m convinced we (as a society) have far surpassed the fuckery and dysfunction that once got Sodom and Gomorrah torched. As a noted pyromaniac myself, I have to admire God’s style in that regard. He was a masterful arsonist based on biblical accounts of the action there. I expect we will be given similar treatment here, whether one cares to ascribe such outcome to The Almighty, or not.

joe · July 20, 2022 at 5:08 am

was in the army in the mid 80s… female soldiers gave up the booty to anyone… not surprised they would get pregnant to get out of work…

Mike_C · July 20, 2022 at 7:44 am

At the risk of assuming I matter more than I do, I’m guessing this was partly in response to my prior comment as well as Lori’s.

So first thing. I didn’t intend to come off as stepping onto your (metaphorical) front porch to lecture you. If I did that, sorry. Second, I’ll defer to you (y’all) on your experiences with women in the military.

I was trying to make a broader point. Basically, don’t abandon Our People, even if they seem to be fucking up or are otherwise annoying you. (This is the generic and rhetorical “you” — not necessarily any one of you personally.) Two examples.
1. The glee that some of “our guys” had over that fraud “Lia Thomas”, the male swimmer. “Take that, girls! Fuck you and your Title IX! Hahaha!”
2. People gloating over the impending energy/heating crisis that will slam Germany this winter.

1. Why should the girls who are not radical feminist assholes be punished because of some opportunist? Those girls and women are our daughters, sisters, mothers. If they’ve gone astray our proper role (IMNSHO) is to lead them back to the right. Not to abandon them to the clutches of the deviants and psychopaths that control our culture.
2. Germany is an occupied country suffering under the diktats of vicious sociopaths whose lust for revenge can never be slaked. So let’s compare. How many of us support Brandon and the whack jobs and deviants in charge? Should we, should *I* have done more to prevent it? Yeah, probably. Yet here we all are. I’m willing to cut the average German some slack. Those people are more our brothers than our “own” ruling class, who despite claiming to love everyone, actually hate any one not of their little in group.

McChuck · July 20, 2022 at 11:44 am

“There is an article here about women in some units in the military being subject to courts martial if they get pregnant.”

Gerneral order #1: No alcohol, no sex.
Punishing women who get pregnant on a deployment has nothing to do with “reproductive rights”, and everything to do with good order & discipline.

Of course, none of this would be a problem if the mostly useless women weren’t there in the first place. The greatest utility of most female servicemen is to be whores, so our men don’t go sniffing around the local women. If we must have women in the armed services, make them explicitly whores and stop pretending they are soldiers and sailors.

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