For years, we have been told how dangerous militias are, and how the founders never intended militias to be armed groups of citizens who were outside of government control.

Until Donald Trump was elected.

Now the mainstream media loves them some armed citizens. Now MSM outlets like the New York daily news and the Independent are busy extolling the virtues of armed citizens forming militias. We are setting ourselves up for Civil War, part 2.

The part that concerns me is that the leftist militias are better at winning the hearts and minds of the people because they are out doing things for the community by feeding the poor and doing more PR activity.

Wars are won by convincing the people of a nation to see your side as the good guys. When all you are doing is complaining and shooting, you lose the people, and you lose the war. Something that the right should keep in mind.

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LSP · January 13, 2018 at 4:34 pm

Well said.

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