I have been sitting here watching the Zimmerman trial for the past two weeks or so. There are some interesting things that I have noticed. The State Attorney has used the following facts against him:

1 After witnessing a crime, he formed a neighborhood watch in conjunction with police and neighbors
2 He called police several times when he saw suspicious people (Remember, if you see something, say something) One of those calls actually resulted in the arrest and conviction of a burglar. 5 of the 12 times he called was on a black person, thus proving he is a racist, despite the fact that he has a black grandparent.
3 He was carrying a gun while going to the store. Who does that?
4 The gun he was carrying had a round in the chamber, and was thus set up to fire without cocking.
5 The person he called in as suspiciously walking between houses and peeking in windows was bleack
6 He kept the suspicious person that he spotted and was calling 911 on in sight, while giving the dispatcher updates as to the person’s location.

All of the above facts, according to the state, made Zimmerman a racist wannabe cop.

7 When the dispatcher asked where the person went, he got out of his truck to see.
8 When the dispatcher realized what he was doing, he informed Zimmerman that he didn’t need to follow the guy, so Zimmerman said “OK” and was on the way back to his truck when he was confronted and attacked.
9 While being attacked, the only eyewitness reports that Martin was on top, and Zimmerman was screaming for help.
10 Multiple witnesses have testified that Zimmerman could have died or been seriously injured, if the beating continued.
(Each of the above 10 statements have been presented in court. There is more than enough here to establish reasonable doubt that Zimmerman was exercising his right to self defense.)

What do I take from this? If I see a person kick in a neighbor’s door and come out with a bloody butcher knife, I am not calling or doing a thing. Also, stay as far away from all minorities as possible. Mind your own business, and never call 911 on a person that is not of your race. or you will also be called a wannabe racist cop.

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Bob S. · July 2, 2013 at 4:04 pm

I am amazed the judge has allowed this case to go forward. Not only allowed it to go forward but seems to have actively assisted the prosecution.

I've followed the release of evidence and stuff not entered as evidence (Martin's cell phone) – I agree everything points to justifiable self defense.

Wonder how crazy it is going to get if he is acquitted.

sparrowmict · July 3, 2013 at 6:22 pm

So many things wrong with this I don't know where to begin

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