This article from the Free Beacon engenders a certain amount of concern from me. There are some scary statements in there. Let me point out a few of them:

the Biden administration endorses the “Christchurch Call,” a series of sweeping regulations to “eliminate terrorist and violent extremist content online.” Governments that endorse the Christchurch Call support media “industry standards … to ensure that reporting on terrorist attacks does not amplify terrorist and violent extremist content.”

Can anyone think of how the press would have reacted to this statement if it had been made by the Trump administration?

According to DHS, warning signs that internet content may be the product of a disinformation campaign include a lack of “contradicting information” and articles that do not include the names of authors, a standard practice by news outlets such as the Associated Press and the Economist.

So first you claim to be targeting “online extremists” and then say that any article that doesn’t include the author’s name is a sign that the article is disinformation. Perhaps that author doesn’t want to be vzyali.

This is why I set up the server that is hosting this blog and others. It is only a matter of time before many voices are silenced.


D.C. · June 18, 2021 at 10:50 pm

I think if you squint your eyes a bit everything this clown show and its machine is essentially about is beating around the bush at something else entirely.
Pretty soon there won’t be anything left for them they have not attempted to stop in cyberspace which is a threat to them in some fashion, and that which they can proscribe without a certain element of high lethal risk to themselves and their network.
Even as vast and all but inconceivable their network is to us, and it’s resources equally vast, which we as good folks who respect the idea and precepts of rule of law, and our civilization evolved from rule of law, certainly it is difficult to wrap our high trust nature minds around it…as their surveillance organs and 5th column operational stance has gone to inordinate lengths to deceive and mislead us by preying on the inherent weakness of our high trust society. Kind of how they deny us the very protections of our governing document, they themselves run and hide behind to protect themselves from our rightful forms of redress and eventual wrath.
There really is not much remaining they can proscribe about us as Freemen except these threats of arbitrary punitive writs of attainder. When the brush beating ends, well we really get a proper looksee i think how evil this cabal and its sycophants and other proxies are.
Blackbloc, or whatever amerikan neo-bolshevik flavor of the day, is certainly a taste, more like a dry run it seems.
The reaction after Sir Good Knight Rittenhouse put paid to 3 cabal proxies is instructional. Those actors can not survive 10,000 Rittenhouse’s or Neemyer’s, they do not have enough cadre and support operatives for the sharp end. 10,000 good men with a bone in their teeth and a rifle is a very conservative number.
It stands to reason they need something which avoids such 4G warfare. It is pretty obvious they ain’t set up for attrition warfare. They simply don’t have enough bodies. For now anyways.

I think the glowie’s face a great conundrum, it’s a real pickle for them, there’s too many guns in too many good folks hands. You got to be careful you don’t do something that triggers an outright armed rebellion.
Even so, there’s ultimate objectives and goals must be met, from a strategic and tactical angle they must take drastic measures. If past false flag op’s are prologue, they have to put on one hell of a false flag dog and pony show, something which outlaws every good person with a gun. Worse than Fast & Furious, or Oklahoma City, or even 911.

Thats when the real fun begins. Because I get that gut sense they are going for all the marbles now, as those past operations where basically for setting up future operations. And timing, may be Trump and MAGA and the genocidal pantsuit losing, set their timetable off kilter.
Boils all down to two things.
I’ve thought for a long time from studying the history of the second amendment and how it came about, in the final analysis, it all comes down to our guns. It is all about guns. Always has been. Guns in good folks hands totally transformed the west and the course of our history like nothing else. Tyrants have had to get really cunning and tricksy since. Nothing like armed subjects to change shit up on you.
Comes down to who has guns and who doesn’t. Who controls guns, and who and what is controlled by guns.
Everything else is prelude.

Something else too, as armed Patriots, we do not take council of our fears, and do not loose our nerve neither, with a decent shooting infantry combat rifle in our hands, that rifle changes us, we are indomitable citizen soldiers.
That last is the crux of something the regime no longer gets the milage out of as it enjoyed in the past; fear as a weapon.

I saved this below seems like an eternity ago now, but it struck a chord in my perceptions of the machine and its criminal syndicate running things, it speaks to the fear weaponized thing.

“…Fear is the psychological weapon of choice for totalitarian systems of power. Make the people afraid. Get them to surrender their rights in the name of national security. And then finish off the few who aren’t afraid enough. If this law is not revoked we will be no different from any sordid military dictatorship. Its implementation will be a huge leap forward for the corporate oligarchs who plan to continue to plunder the nation and use state and military security to cow the population into submission. ”

from: US Totalitarianism Loses Major Battle As Judge Permanently Blocks NDAA’s Military Detention Provision

Yeah, that right there, thats the stage currently, those who have not been cowed by all the fear weaponry, we stick out like a sore thumb. The trick is to begin isolating each if us who are not afraid of the machine, in that way we are more easily picked off one by one in detail. The trick then is how. The timing is pretty good. And time is always fleeting when there’s roughly 100 million citizen soldiers, and their compatriots supporting them, armed to the teeth, looking at you waiting for your next tyrannical move.

Thomas C. Schelling, in his ‘Arms and Influence’, said this:
“The power to hurt – the sheer unacquisitive, unproductive power to destroy things that somebody treasures, to inflict pain and grief—is a kind of bargaining power, not easy to use but used often.”

Seems since Ruby Ridge, and the subsequent river of blood the glowie’s have spilled since, it is a foretaste of whats to come, thats what the machine is working up to in spades.
Once those glowies got a taste of patriotic blood, it’s like adreno-chrome is to their overlords, they ain’t stopped.

Actually, they have had it mostly their way all along. Good folks have been particularly polite and prudent in things considered.
When the hunters become the hunted its an entirely different situation.

I often contemplate what their inner comm’s and personal discourse is regarding the potential of those they oppress and brutalize with their abuse of power raising up, becoming their nemesis.

It would be revealing in regards to the mathematics of the potential for good folks necessity of taking up arms against the glowie’s scourge of tyranny. Because no matter how I arraign the potential numbers, the glowies are outnumbered.
That begs the question who have they co-opted as axis allies, what proxies have they prepositioned, and I see the vast network, from the gangstalkers and coverage actors, to precinct and city network actors, and how many among this multitude are suitable trigger men.
Are the shithole city gangs part of the cadre. How many of the sickening influx of the alien invaders are actually shooters, is that why they opened the border. It’s an alien invasion in no doubt, and looking thru history of mass illegal immigration, without exception, unrestricted unfettered unassimilated alien invasion has resulted in war in every case.

Still, my faith is unshakable. My faith us good folks prevail is unassailable.
But it is extremely vital to understand these things, the devil really is in the details. Forewarned is forearmed. Prudence demands it.

joe · June 19, 2021 at 3:31 pm

they can still shut you down, they will just have your provider turn you off…they are that evil…they want one voice, one opinion, and it ain’t ours…

    Divemedic · June 19, 2021 at 5:12 pm

    I am my own host, using a server owned by a company that enjoys being a pain in the ass, located in a European nation that is resistant to dictats from the US.
    This site is as resistant to Orwellian control as I can make it. Not impossible, just difficult.

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