On Monday, the Democrats announced that the National Guard would be securing DC in anticipation of the Trump rally. I posted about it, and reader Stuart said:

Don’t get all hysterical. They are to help with traffic flow.

Then the Capitol invasion happened. All of a sudden, the National Guard presence was expanded to 7 states and territories (Delaware, Pennsylvania, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, DC, and Virginia) in Brigade strength. A reinforced battalion will be on Capitol Hill.

Then word came that the NG deployment would be for at least 31 days. 

A source with first-hand knowledge of the situation told Military Times that at least some D.C. and Maryland Guard troops were receiving 31-day Title 32 orders, which allow the troops to enjoy full benefits such as health insurance and housing allowance. The source requested anonymity because of not being authorized to speak with media. During a Thursday evening teleconference, McCarthy confirmed that all 6,200 troops are “on a minimum of a 30-day deployment” on Title 32 orders.

Now it is coming out that they will be armed with firearms

This is my shocked face. So what comes next? Now the guard is being mobilized in other states to assist with distributing COVID vaccines- more than 20,000 so far. 

There are 450,000 troops in the National Guard. 

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