Back in May, I posted about an 18 year old Vero Beach woman that was arrested for having a sexual relationship with a 14 year old girl. She is back in the news. It appears as though the state prosecutor offered her a plea deal where she would not go to jail. One of the conditions was that she not try to contact her victim, a condition that she violated. They are moving forward with the charge of lewd or lascivious battery on a child between the age of 12 and 16, a second degree felony. If convicted, a second degree felony will get her up to 15 years in prison.

The gay rights crowd is up in arms, claiming that this is being done solely because the girls are gay. I say they are full of crap. I present to you the case of Terry Gorby. The 18 year old Mr. Gorby had what he claimed was a consensual relationship with his then 14 year old girlfriend. He was convicted of the exact same law that Ms. Hunt is being charged under. There goes your “this is only because she is gay” argument.

She had a deal to avoid jail, and she violated the terms of that deal with 20,000 text messages, and through FaceBook messages. She sent at least 25 lewd photos of herself to her child victim, along with a video of herself engaged in a sexual act. All since March 1. Her victim is STILL a 15 year old underage girl, and Ms. Hunt is now 19. She is a CHILD MOLESTER.

Hunt is an ADULT and she has been for nearly two years. It is time that she take responsibility for her actions. Her victim was 14 at the time of the sexual act, and is only 15 now. She expressly violated a court order to not have contact with the victim.

Compounding this,Ms. Hunt’s mother also contacted the victim and asked her to delete the photos, messages, and video so that police would not have the evidence to prosecute her daughter.

The “Romeo and Juliet” law may not apply here: That law only allows you to be removed from the sexual offender database if you have only one sex crime conviction. Since she committed more than one (the original sex act, and then the act of sending sexually explicit photos and videos to a minor on at least 26 occasions) she will not be eligible, if the state decides to pursue the additional crimes.

I still stand behind this statement: The same people who are crying about ruining the girl’s life for this
would have no problem ruining her life if she were being arrested for
having a shotgun in the trunk of her car that was in the parking lot.

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