Time to remind people about censorship and the ability to blog. If you have seen this offer before, or if you aren’t interested in blogging, don’t bother reading this.

Congress is still threatening more censorship. The left not just going after blogs and social media- they are going after podcasts as well. The powers that be intend to shut down all media that is not state approved. See this report here.

I was trying to listen to conservative talk radio on Sirius and on Blaze TV, but the hosts are refusing to admit that the election was bogus, but saying “we will get them next time.” Conservative talk has been brought to heel and has been told what they can and cannot say. Alternative media like bloggers are all that is left of the free press.

There is still room to share this server. The cost to host a blog on this server is $25 per month, billed quarterly. My IT support team charges a small fee to import the contents of your blog to this server. I have domains that are included in the price, or we can get you a custom domain. The only rule that I have is: no porn sites. I am not interested in having porn on my site for two reasons: they are resource hogs (both storage space and bandwidth) and I don’t feel like having to expend my own time and energy defending porn distributors.

Even if you don’t contact me, find an alternative server now, or your blogs and podcasts may be gone forever. An XML backup is no longer sufficient, as Blogger and WordPress no longer support migration by XML. If your blog is cancelled, there may be no way to recover it.

If interested in having your blog hosted here, the email is Divemedic@sectorocho.com.