Shellie Zimmerman wants a divorce, and the press is all over it. I can’t blame her. Her husband’s life is ruined, and anyone that is associated with him has no future, either. The press will keep him under the microscope and will ensure that anything he does is fully documented. After all, the linked story even attempts to make hay out of the fact that he was pulled over twice for speeding, and I guess that somehow proves that he is not a nice person.

What do I take out of this story? His wife, who is divorcing him, doesn’t have many nice things to say about him. So what? How many ex-wives have nice things to say about their ex-husbands? The article states that she alleges that the marriage is “irretrievably broken” but fails to mention that this phrase is required in Florida divorce cases. A divorce will not be granted by the state of Florida, unless one of the following conditions is met:

  • The marriage is irretrievably broken
  • One of the parties is mentally incapacitated. 

 The thing here is that the press and the anti-gun establishment (I am being redundant, here) will not be happy unless this man’s life is destroyed. They take great pleasure in any misfortune that befalls anyone that defends themselves from a violent predator.

She wants a life insurance policy on George, naming her as the beneficiary. Why? Because she knows that he will likely be killed as soon as the New Black Panther Party, or some other similar organization, finds out where he is. A suspicious person would suspect that she might even tell them his location, once the policy is in place.

The rest of the divorce is pretty standard stuff: division of assets, restriction on selling or disposing of assets while the divorce is pending, etc. Of course, she will also have to split the marital debts, as well. I am guessing that they are both insolvent.

Either way, the behavior here of the press and the people out to persecute him is despicable.

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