The Collapse

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About the woman my wife and I used to teach with. Her masters is in a subject that is sought after by the Christians in Action. She just sent us a picture, taken at 6:30am this morning, east coast time. She and her coworkers are trying to burn all of the classified stuff that they can. She is still convinced that the government is going to get them out. After seeing the videos this morning, I can’t see that she is going to ever get out.

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Well, unfortunately – if she ever does make it out, it’ll likely be in the cargo hold – in a box. 😕

I’ll keep her and all other ‘friendlys’ that are trapped in Afghanistan in my prayers , asking for their swift and safe return.

I’ll say this for your Friend.
She has a big ass set for stayin. Big!
I wish her and you folks the best.

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