Pierre Loury was driving a car that was involved in a drive by shooting less than an hour before. Police spotted it and tried to pull it over. The driver tried to flee, and then Loury, who was a passenger in the vehicle, tried to flee on foot. A Chicago police officer gave chase.

Loury, who has a criminal record and is know by Chicago PD as a gang member, allegedly pointed a gun at police and was subsequently shot by police. A gun was found at the scene. A witness is claiming the teen was running away, and was shot scaling a fence and was unarmed. Family denies that he even owned a gun and was not part of a gang, despite the fact that his Facebook page showed him with gang tattoos and holding a gun. The shooting was not captured on video, because it happened some distance away from the police cruiser.

Protesters claim that the shooting illustrates that the police are racist, and that Loury was just an innocent 16 year old boy, who was killed for being black. The protests are widespread, and the press is having a field day. BLM is attempting to stir the pot again. Here is his picture, as grabbed from his now cleansed Facebook account:

The ltters RMG tattooed on his neck? That stands for “Reese Money Gang,” a street gang in Chicago.

Of course, the race baiters in the press didn’t initially use that picture when they ran the story. This is the picture they chose to use:

That particular picture was taken when he was 12 years old. This cop is being Zimmermaned by the press. We already know, from the Zimmermna/Martin shooting, that the press will lie to claim racism whenever a black person is shot by someone who is not black,

Whatever the case, this BLM movement is nonsense. There is, according to them, no reason to shoot a black person unless you are black yourself. If you happen to be black and kill another black person, then black lives no longer matter.

I guess black lives only matter as a tool to advance your political agenda.

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