Here is an entire article about how Kamala Harris supposedly ashamed a Second Amendment supporter on the Jimmy Fallon show. The quote I want to point you to is this one:

But for sheer joy, it’s tough to beat Andrew’s reaction, as he sits there looking like someone has just stolen the latest issue of Mayonnaise Aficionado out of his mailbox.

If I typed an article about blacks and said something about a racial stereotype, like a reference to watermelon or passed a comment about Mexicans and beans, I would rightly be roasted for making racist comments. So why does Mediaite get a free pass to be racist assholes?

As for Kamala Harris, please show me the part of the Constitution that grants the President power to ban anything by executive order. We elect a President, not a King. Go fuck yourself. Just for that, I will go out and buy a couple more stripped lowers and a case or two of ammo.

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Beans · September 19, 2019 at 7:53 am

Okay, what's a 2A supporter doing on National TV opening his mouth on Jimmy Fallon or any late-night 'talk show' and expecting to be treated fairly?

Come on… If he thought he was going to get a fair shake from JF or from Kneepads, well, Dan Rather has some military orders to show him…

One of the few things the Left does is control their message. And they'll control it in ways to make the Right look way-past inbred stupid.

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